Sunday, August 14, 2011

Healthy choices!

Today I went grocery shopping at both wegmans and trader joes! Spent a ton of money on some awesome and delicious foods!! I love buying, cooking and eating healthy. As we speak I am roasting my very first whole chicken!! I will post about that tomorrow once I actually taste it and it doesn't taste terrible. Esp since I stuffed the wrong side....HAHAH.

In other Do you know the fat girl picture? Where you put your camera in the air and take the pic to "hide" the double chin? Well I am famous for it. My friends all know that when they take a pic of me it has to be at least 10ft in the air to hide my multiple chins. Well...I am pleased to announce that several pictures of me were taken yesterday at a normal straight on angle. That is right ladies and gentleman...I no longer need to take fat girl pictures. My chins are gone!! No more hiding here! So please....bring on the cameras. And please.....take the pic however you want! Because I no longer have anything to hide! :)

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