Monday, August 29, 2011

Holla!! Weeeen.

This past week was insane. I survived an East coast earthquake and hurricane. I also dodged around some tornadoes. Wtf Mother Nature, we get it. Everyone please start recycling.

Health wise this week was a struggle. Due to being a bridesmaid my week was full of running around from DE to NJ to DE to NJ to PA to NJ. It was difficult to fit in a work out and I only managed to work out last Tuesday and Thursday. However, Thursday I did run so that was a very good work out sesh.

Food was also my nemesis this week. I ate pretty well all week but then blew it this weekend. I ate way too many chocolate pumpkins, candy corn and Halloween cake. Let me explain....

One of my bffs is getting married in October and this past weekend we threw her a Halloween bridal shower!! It was probably the coolest thing I have ever helped plan and by far the best bridal shower I have ever been to!! Yes, the asshole Irene prevented a lot of people from coming, but we didn't let her rain on our parade. It was a blast!! I indulged in champagne punch, cheese, chocolate, sugar dyed gross candy corn shit, cheesecake and last but DEF not least....cake. Not just any cake...but chocolate chip pound cake with peanut butter butter cream filling. UM hello. Yum. ( me another piece!) As you can see I overindulged just a little...but it was for a very special occasion. Plus most of the food I didn't eat thaaaat much......I guess.

Here are a few pics from the shower. I am wearing a black dress that I wore last December and I couldn't even breath in it. I posted the pic from December on my journey page. I would like to think that there is a slight difference between the two. Haha.

First adorable is the cake?? A spider bride?? Awesome.

Here is the black dress. I even tried to strike the same pose. I think I look pretty good for losing 40lbs so far! Wish you could see my heels...they were cuuuute.

Here is a group shot. Now I like the group shots sometimes because you can compare your fatness to other skinny people. Here...I am clearly the big girl and my friends are way skinnier. However, I look a lot better than I did 9 months ago!! I do however, look like an amazon woman. Maybe because 5'7 girls shouldn't wear 4in heels. But this girls does and always will. <3

Let me please explain one thing...the bow in my hair. I am the queen of headbands. I love them and wear one almost everyday. Even when I swim and workout. For this special event I had to find a Halloween headband. Since it was July, I had to order one on Etsy. It's a candy corn bow headband. I loved it. Even if I look like a 26 year old kid. That is ok by me! :)

Last but certainly the best:

My girls. The best friends a girl could have. <3 I love them. We all help each other with our struggles and I def need them by my side through this journey...and I know that is exactly where they will be.


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