Monday, August 1, 2011


Weigh in tonight. It's been two weeks. I haven't weighed in since the 18th where I lost 3lbs for a total of 37.2lbs!!!! What a great weigh in that was! I really hope that this week I will have the same results.

How do I think I did these past 2 weeks?? Pretty good. I blew it 2 weekends ago on the 24th during my nephews 1st birthday party but that was the only day I can honestly say I did terrible. I worked out a lot and ate healthy most days. The days I didn't I still tried to stay somewhat "healthy"...

...getting pizza. I LOVE pizza. Always have, always will. I used to eat 3-4 pieces in one sitting. YIKES. And they weren't small pieces either. Now I usually eat 2. When we get take out it's always cheese. A thin crust cheese slice is about 7-8ww points/slice depending on how big it is. 14pts for your dinner isn't bad. I usually throw in some garlic knots and they are prob 2-3pts each. My new trick is that when we eat at the pizza place, I always get 1 slice tomato pie and one slice cheese or white pizza. There is no cheese on the tomato pie so that cuts out extra fat and calories. I am not sure how many points tomato pie is but it has to be better than a cheese slice! It's the little changes that really add up big!

...The Pop Shop. MMMM yes, you might recognize this name because it is the place where Bobby Flay had his GRILLED CHEESE throwdown. ( Yup grilled cheese. They have 30 different kinds on the menu. All amazing, all different. They also have everything imaginable on the menu. Hot dogs, burgers, amazing breakfast, salads, ICE CREAM. It is a 50s joint...of course they have ice cream!!!! It's so cute in there too. It's like a soda fountain place with a 50s theme. Love it. I was saying. Trying to make unhealthy things a little healthier. Here is my trick: NEVER be afraid to ask for what you want. Ex: The Maple. Grilled sourdough bread with grilled chicken, cheddar and bacon. um...hello. YUM. No...this is no way on the ww program. However...I wanted it so I got it. I just didn't get it how they usually serve it...gobs of gooey cheddar cheese, tons of bacon and delicious perfectly buttered grilled bread. I asked for the butter, half the amount of cheese and one strip of bacon. Tons of fat and calories were saved by those requests and I took an extremely unhealthy sandwich to just a not so good for you sandwich. I ordered a side salad instead of fries and drank water. The best part was...the waitress was awesome. She brought out the food and noticed they used butter so she took it back (without even asking me!) and made them re-do the whole thing. AWESOME. I left her a $10 tip on a $20 bill just to thank her for being so awesome about my crazy requests. I used to be scared to ask for what I wanted but now I know that I can. I also did it at the diner this week with my omelet. I find that waiters and waitresses do not mind at all! Try it!!!

Those are my little tips. I know they are small but I promise...all this stuff adds up and brings results. In the end...weight loss is not a's a lifestyle change.

Looking forward to tonight. Wish me luck for a great loss! :)

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