Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene... BITCH.

Yeah. I just went there.

Anyone on the East Coast will agree that the hurricane heading our way, Irene, is somewhat terrifying but a little exciting as well. Just think!! We experienced our very first "significant" earthquake and now the worst hurricane to hit the east coast in decades is on it's way and it all will be happening in the very same week!! Awesome.

So I'm not afraid to call myself out. I bought a candle today and will get some batteries for my 1980's clock radio. Of course I was also one of the tools to run to the grocery store on my lunch break today to stock up on some of the important essentials. You know...bread, milk, fruit....chips......ummmm. Yeahhhh I bought some chips. Just the idea of losing power and sitting in my apartment all day while NJ gets plowed...makes me want to pig out. At least I bought the low fat chips and baked tostitos. That's a win right?

We are being warned that the power most likely will go out and could stay out for several hours, days or even weeks. How do you prepare for that food wise?? I am struggling because the only thing that comes to mind is pb+j and spaghettios (cold spaghettios mmmm). Those aren't exactly ww friendly items. I want to stay on track because I am determined to reach my 50lb goal in the next few weeks. Chances are that my ww weigh in will be cancelled on Monday but that doesn't give me an excuse to pig out.

My exercise routine will also suffer because I do not belong to a gym and I can't head outside to run in 90mph winds. I mean....that could be fun....but I don't want to get my cute pink and black Nike's muddy. So I guess I will pass and stick to lifting my 5lb weights.

Looks like I have a game plan ready for the hurricane. Eat healthy. Lift weights. Stay productive. Keep my mind on my goals.

Irene, you're still a bitch.

and now I need to go find a $50 flashlight...

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