Monday, August 8, 2011

The no "R" accent

Yes...that would be Boston. I love it here. I want to move here. It. Is. Beautiful. It reminds me of Manhattan brownstones but everywhere. So clean. So classy. So Northeastern. Love.

As far as ww goes...what's that? jk. Well not really. I have def been eating whatever I want...however....I really don't eat! I am so busy here working that most days I have cereal or fruit for breakfast and then do not eat until after I'm done working. usually around 7pm. It's insane. And I'm never even hungry because I am always running around doing the event planning thing and my adrenaline is always pumping. I literaly walk 10 miles a day around an exhibit hall and then when I'm done work I am still running around town enjoying myself. When I am finally able to eat dinner... I want to eat everything in sight. But I can't. I get too full too fast. However...I still manage to scarf down bad food. Like chowda, burgers, and pasta. I can't help it....there are SO MANY amazing restaurants here!

I have seen so many parts of this city and have fallen in love with every one! I love Newberry Street which looks like SoHo NYC only with classy sailor preppy people. There is Harvard Square where there are street performers and a lot of smart students! Then you have the Northend that is a small Italian neighborhood but has over 100 restaurants. Oh...and they have the famous Mikes Pastry where I got this awesome chocolate covered cream puff. MMMMM.

So long story short....I have been eating shit but have been walking soooo much. My pants keep falling off when I clip my walkie talkie on the pocket...that's a good sign. Let's hope! :)

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