Monday, August 15, 2011


Ok so I decided to experiment yesterday. No...not with drugs. With food.
I am so sick of eating the same old crap every week. I wanted to mix it up! So I decided...on the rainiest day of the go on a grocery store crawl. Similar to a bar crawl only a lot less fun and a lot more expensive. I started my day at Wegmans of course! Gotta love Wegmans! Always throwing a pleasant grocery surprise my way! (BTW...annoyed that I could not find my pop corners anywhere. grrrr.) This weeks surprise was in the meat aisle. Somewhere I only venture to in order to buy some lean 95% ground beef or some boneless skinless chicken breasts for $56.79/lb. While rooting through the packaged chicken, I noticed a price tag. $.88/lb. HUH? For a whole damn chicken?? Awesome. Right then and there I decided to experiment by roasting my very first whole chicken. Yikes.

Of course, being the tool that I am...I had my iPad with me. I quickly googled a roasted chicken recipe and the first one that popped up....Roasted garlic and rosemary chicken. Ok. Done. I quickly finished my shopping at Wegmans and made sure I picked up some fresh rosemary!

After Wegmans I went to Trader Joe's to stock up on some of my favorite items! I LOVE Trader Joe's. I used to live 10mins away from one when I lived in DE. Now I live 20mins away from one and I never really venture out there. So when I do...I stock up. Stock up meaning buying everything in threes. Maybe that's why I never have any money? Nah...

I stocked up on my TJ's Naan, frozen fish, whole wheat tuscan paan, orange chicken (only 1 of these...not that ww friendly), whole wheat couscous and whole wheat pizza dough. Mmmmm. I also picked up a few new items like some Mahi Mahi chunks and some whole wheat waffles for my J. Another new item I picked up was these adorable little potatoes. They were called tin potatoes or something and were the size of grapes. So cute. Had to get them. I thought they would go well with the chicken.

So after spending half my paycheck at Wegmans and TJ's...I went home only to find myself act like an asshole trying to get in about 10 bags of groceries in the pouring rain. Alone. And those of you who shop at TJ's know that those brown paper bags.....suck. Esp when they get wet. Let's just say I burned many calories trying to get the groceries in the house.

A few hours later I decided to start cooking my bird. Here is the recipe I used:

Basically all it requires is:
(1) 6-7lb whole chicken
(3) tbs of freshly chopped rosemary
(8) cloves of freshly chopped garlic
Olive Oil cooking spray (if this is not a staple at your house, I HIGHLY recommend)
salt and pepper to taste
lemon (optional)

First step: Chopping up the rosemary and garlic. Then mixing them together with the salt to create a rub/paste.

The next step is to take the rub and place it under the breast skin to coat the chicken breast and front side of the bird. Please note the picture below. Also please note that I am a moron and this picture is not the breast of the chicken, but instead it's asshole. Yes...I rubbed down the chickens rear end instead of it's breasts. Kitchen fail. I learned my lesson the hard way.

I remade a little more rub and put it under the skin on the correct side of the bird. It is ok to make mistakes in the kitchen, but please fix them, learn from them and never make them again. This goes for life outside the kitchen as well.

Moving on.....

Here are my adorable little potatoes. I decided to roast them up along side my chicken. I tossed them in some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary. Stuck them in the oven until they got nice and brown and crispy. They were a perfect side dish.

After putting the chicken in the oven for about an hour and a half....out popped this beautiful brown chicken. It smelled amazing in my little apartment and I couldn't wait to enjoy my experiment to see if it tasted the way it looked and smelled....delicious.
And guess what? It did. Below is my plate for dinner. A little bit of chicken, some roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini. Awesome dinner. And I can't believe i cooked this myself. Me of all people. I used to eat cereal for dinner 6 nights a week. Now look at me! I roasted a chicken!!

So that was what I ate for dinner the night before my weigh in tonight!! I hope that this inspires you to roast a chicken. You should! But first...please please remember to stuff the right not stuff the butt. And one more a window or light a candle while you are cooking. Because my apartment still smells like rosemary garlic roasted chicken and it made me want to vomit at 7am this morning....

BTW- weight in tonight. I hope I lost a little something. Boston may have ruined that for me but it would be nice to lose a pound or two.....

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