Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dresses make me happy

Feeling so great today!

Let me just start out by saying that I LOVE dresses.  I especially love dresses that are cute and flattering.  My self image skyrockets when i can rock a cute sundress and sunnies in the summer. LOVE.

I'm currently wearing an Old Navy dress that 8 months ago I could only wear if I wore leggings underneath to smooth myself out because it was too small. Now I'm rocking it without and it fits perfectly! Even using a big belt to accentuate my waist. I love it.

Now this is a pic of me wearing the same dress in December 2010...
As you can see...I look like a fat hot mess. My rolls are sticking out and my boobs are spilling out. See...I used to wear those leggings and pull them over my rolls to flatten them out.  I can't believe I used to like this outfit... is me wearing the same dress today.... may not be able to see a difference, but I def can.  I no longer have to wear anything under this dress to hide my rolls!! It fits perfectly and is flowy the way it should be. It is no longer tight in the chest and my boobs are not pouring out. Actually...this is a bad picture and you can't tell anything. HAHAHA. I guess you would have to see it in person. the mail today...came a size 20 dress from a website called ideeli. Ordered a size 20 without even knowing how the brand runs and I tried it on and I didn't even have to unzip it! Awesome feeling. Such a cute dresses!  That never happens to me. Usually I have to get a size 24!!! YAY!!

Here is the dress and here is me wearing the dress...

Soooo cute.  This is going to be my new favorite fall dress.  I will wear it with my black peep toe heels and a black cardigan. I LOVE IT!!  Seee dresses make me happy!  :)  Especially when they are 2 sizes smaller than usual.

Life is good.

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