Thursday, October 6, 2011

Non Scale Victories

At ww they always tell you that a scale is just a peice of plastic and that the numbers on the scale should not make or break you.  In the end they are just numbers and victories can come in many different forms.

For example: 

I only lost .2lbs the past 3 weeks. Ouch.  That is terrible. However, I am not upset. Nope. Not one bit.  Why you might ask? Because over the past few weeks I have felt a difference in my body.  I feel stronger.  I am running more.  I am exercising longer.  I am walking farther distances. I feel better. I fit into size 18 dryer jeans.  I can zip up vests.  And...Tight pants are too big.

Let me elaborate.

  1. Exercise:  Getting SO much easier!  I used to walk from my apartment to the end of the road and back which is about 2.6 miles.  It used to take me about an hour and then after a while I got the time down to 45 mins.  This was in the spring.  Now...I work out at least an hour and go 3.6-4.5 miles every time.  No more short workouts unless it starts to rain or I run out of time.  When I don't do more than 3.6 miles I feel guilty and make myself do more.  My new favorite route is about 4.2 miles. INSANE.  And did I mention that I am running at least 1/4 of this workout?? I can run longer and farther. I don't even get tired but usually have to stop because my legs hurt, not because I'm out of breath. Awesome. 
  2. I feel better:  When I was at my heaviest, 314.8lbs 315lbs, it was hard for me to do normal things.  I never wanted to admit it because I was in denial that I got so big.  Seriously...rolling over in bed was like a workout. How embarrassing.  I used to huff and puff walking up 2 flights of stairs to my ww meetings.  Now I walk up 4 and am not even tired!  Roll over in bed? Shit....I flip over in bed now. No problem there!  I have so much more energy and I love it.  Another thing I noticed that I do ALL the time now that I couldn't before is...cross my legs!  Something so easy as crossing my legs was difficult for me.  Now I do it all the time and let me tell you...I look sexy doing it! Haha...
  3. Dryer Jeans: Everyone knows what these are.  Jeans right out of the dryer are usually so tight because they shrunk in the wash.  I was so excited when I took out my new size 18 dryer jeans from Old Navy and I could slip them on and button them without laying on my back on my bed to button them.  You know exactly what I am talking about LOL.  I used to have to lay down to button all of my jeans even when they weren't right out of the dryer...
  4. "The Vest":  This is a piece of clothing I have had for YEARS!  And by years I mean circa 2005??  It's a black puffy vest from the Gap that I bought in size XXL. I could never zip it up but wore it alllll the time open.  When I did zip it up I had to suck it in and I almost popped the zipper off. It did not fit at all.  Here is me wearing the vest:
    Now this is me in Italy in 2007.  Jelly?? Hehe.
    I can't even come close to zipping that thing up, and I wasn't even close to my highest weight here!! Sad sad sad.  Even though it never really fit I always wore it so I could hide my rolls and try to be cute at the same time.  The point of this little blurb is that I can now fit into it with no problem and it actually, FINALLY, fits me like it should.  I love this vest and I am going to wear it alllll winter long.  I am never going to throw it away!  If I remember I will post a pic of me wearing the vest now.
  5. Tight Pants:  One of the major reasons I even started this journey was because my clothes were not fitting!  All of my favorite Gap jeans were cutting into my gut and actually hurting me.  I also kept popping buttons off my $80 Lane Bryant work pants. So for work in January I had to go to Hawaii and I was packing.  I was going to bring my favorite pair of jeans and tried them on...and they didn't fit.  They were SO tight I couldn't even button them.  It was a wake up call because they fit a few months before that.  Holy shit.  I had already decided to do ww when I got back from Hawaii, but right then and there I knew I had to do it or I was headed down a dangerous path.  Talk about a wake up call!!  Anyways....9 months later...I wore those same jeans yesterday.  As you can see below...they are baggy as hell and looked awful.  These jeans used to be tight on my legs and butt and made my booty look amazing.  Now....THEY LOOK LIKE MOM JEANS!!!! Wtf. Gross. But awesome :)  I will be donating these jeans to the cancer society very very soon. :)
Hi Kirby!!

The whole point of this post is to explain and show that not all victories are on the scale.  Yes, I only lost .2lbs the last 3 weeks but look at all the other successes!  They are awesome!! And did I mention my rings keep sliding off my fingers?? Amazingggg. 

Moral of the post:  If you didn't get the results you wanted on the scale, keep your head up!  Look around and acknowledge how far you have come and all the other goals you have accomplished.  Remember: there is a positive found in every negative.

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  1. Awesome post, Julie! You are totally rocking it out and I am SO proud of you!! 4.2 miles! Holy crap- I am IMPRESSED!! Keep up the great work and before you know it, that vest will be too big for you ;)