Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weigh In!

Had my weigh in last night after skipping out on the last 3 weeks.  For good bad reasons that you had read before. You know...the posts where I posted about drinking my face off and then stuffing that face with terrible foods? Yeah...those reasons.

I didn't gain weight which is AMAZING.  I lost .2lbs making my total weight loss 46.2lbs.  I will take it.  It's a loss and that is better than a gain. 

I will write more later this week about my current increase in self esteem and non scale results.  Basically I am noticing things and loving it.  On cloud 9.

No weigh in next week due to Columbus day so my goals for the next 2 weeks is to STEP IT UP.  I want to lose at least 3lbs to hit my 15% at 47.3lbs lost.  So close.  I will do it. (I always say I will do it and mostly never do LOL.  maybe I should change that phrase)...

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