Saturday, October 22, 2011 accomplished goal...

From the very beginning I always had a goal as to where I wanted to be come my friends wedding.  My first goal was to lose 70lbs.  Then I realized I was losing weight slower than I thought I would and that I would never make 70.  I mean I def could have reached that goal but unfortunately I'm a lazy ass and do everything half ass.  So no...I didn't make 70lbs.

Then I decided to switch it up to 50lbs.  I reached 46lbs and called it a day apparently.  Which is annoying and shitty.  I probably am at about 44lbs now. boooooo.  I am really annoyed with how I have halted in my success.  Overall my food intake is the same but I have been indulging more often which is bad.  That is where the 2 extra pounds came from. Annoying.

I feel like I'm stuck because I can't work out.  When I first had athletes foot it wasn't too bad.  I could still work out and I did.  It was just peeling and it didn't hurt.  But for the last 3 weeks it has gotten a lot worse.  It hurts!!!  This is really gross but it has open sores and crustiness. Gag gag.  I can't even put on shoes.  I have been wearing flip flops the past few weeks and it's still not really getting better.  This is bad.  I can't put sneaks on to workout, it hurts when I walk on it a lot and I have to wear heels in a week for my friends wedding!!!!!!!!  UGH!!! Disgusting.   It's really holding me back and pissing me off.  Esp since fall is my favorite season and the weather has been awesome lately. Where I live everyone does halloween up big and it's my favorite time of year to just walk around the area.  And I can't. Wahhhhhhhhh. :(

In other news....I guess I can get to the one goal I accomplished.  When I bought my bridesmaid dress I couldn't try it on becuase they only had a size 22 that wouldn't fit me.  I ordered the dress in 24 just to be safe.  My goal was to have my bridesmaid dress be sooo big on me that I would need it taken in. I tried it on a few weeks ago and it was SOOOO big.  I had it altered and today I asked the tailor "do you think you took it in about a whole size?"  she looked at me and said in her eastern european accent "ha...are you serious?  I took it in ALOT."  YES!!!!!!!!!!! One goal accomplished!!

I guess for now I just have to try really hard to get rid of this damn stupid athletes food.  I can't get my workout on until it gets better.  Pleaseeee hurry up!!! I need my workout fix!!!

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