Thursday, November 10, 2011



So...last night.  My friend from work and I went to the gym to take a step class.  Turns out...people don't really like step because no one showed up besides us!  That is when the class instructor/personal trainer decided that she was going to give us a free 1 hour personal training session.  Yup.  Holy shit.

Let me first start off saying that it was AWESOME!! It felt so good to work that hard and I really impressed myself with how well I did.  We started off running 2 minutes around the gym. Easy.  Then we started doing weight stuff.  I haven't been using resistance so this is where it really started to get tough.  Lunges, crunches on the ball, chest presses, wall sits (grrr), bicep curls and of course....cardio.  At the time I wanted to die...but now looking back it was fun and it felt amazing.  I like to compare it to the first episode of the biggest loser. LOL.

Tonight I have another session with a personal trainer.  I would really like to see one at least once a week. bank account is in the neg.  Maybe a Christmas present?  That would be awesome...

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