Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Helllllo! It's been awhile...again.  Kinda makes me sad because I love this blog and I really love writing in it. It makes things so much easier for me! I just have to keep coming up with things to write about!

So here is a little update.  Still working on myself and my weight loss.  It is a work in progress that seems to take forever. I am ok with that!  I have not been to a ww weigh in for a while but I plan on going back on January 23.  That will mark my one year ww/weight loss anniversary!!!! My goal is to finally reach 50lbs by then, but who knows if I can manage that.  I am not sure how much I weigh exactly but I know I gained some weight the past month so my hopes for reaching 50 are not too high.  And that is ok.  I am 100% ok with not reaching goals in the time I set them.  Why?? Because this is my journey and I know that in order for me to NEVER go back to the way it was, I have to do things my own way.  If that means yoyoing around 47lbs for 6 months...oh well.  Its a lot better than what I used to do (gain gain gain)!  As long as I do not go back to my old habits or quit, I will always be proud of myself.  I have come a long way and I plan to keep going.  If it takes me 20 least I can say that I did it.  *But it better not freakin take me 20 years because I still really want my Christian Louboutins.  My bet with my dad is still on...but I would like to have them before I turn 46 thank you.

I know I used to post recipes that I made from time to time and here is one that I am really loving.  It's so easy and I bet everyone already makes it LOL.  It's just a MUCH healthier version of a buffalo wing.

I bought a package of fresh chicken wings.  Not the ones that are already cut up as mini drumsticks and "wings" but the kind that come right off a chicken aka their arm.  They were only $6 for a whole 5lb package. Not bad!  I then of course had to cut them up myself.  You cut the drumstick thing off the wing and then once you trim the arm tip off the other part...that becomes the wing part. (Is that what it is called? I don't even know. You know what I mean though...the buffalo wing that's not the drumstick but the one with the two bones. wtf are they even called???)  Once they are all trimmed up and actually look like buffalo wing shapes, you cook them in a 450* oven.  Baked not fried! Win.  Then when they are crispy you put Franks Buffalo sauce on them (0pts) and dip them in yogurt blue cheese dressing!  They are amazing and def taste like the terribly bad wings you get other places.  Go me.  Wish I had a picture.

I do still go to the gym which is good.  I hate the gym tho...everyone smells so bad.  One time the guy next to me smelled so bad I had to get off my elliptical and move because I was gagging.  GROSS dude.  Spray some Axe or something.  That is why I prefer to workout outside!  I can't wait until it's Spring so that I can start running in nature.  The only god thing about the gym is that I can lift weights.  I have been doing that as well and I can feel a small difference.  Kinda. Lol.  I am still planning on running the 5k in August/September.  I hope I can at least run some of it! I think I will be able to.

I am going to stop writing...this is the most random and stupid blog post ever!!! hahahahahaha.

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