Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Goals

So I am sitting here on new years day thinking about 2011 and how great of a year it was. It also makes me so excited for what is in store for 2012. I do know one thing...2012 is going to be FULL of weight loss!!!

Now that the holidays are over, there is nothing standing in my way to prevent me from working hard and losing weight on a weekly basis again. I know it's a lame excuse but it is reallllly hard to stay on track and lose weight during the holidays!!! Not to mention how hard it is to make it to the gym. I must say that I did see how much I changed my life from last year. Last year was full of parties where I would eat plate after plate of food. Not this year! I was aware of everything I was eating and I knew when to stop. I did indulge of course but nothing like I used to....thank god!!

I know I probably gained some weight the past two weeks and I'm so ready to get back to the gym and work it off plus some! Today I went on a 3.6 mile walk into town with my bf and doggy. It was so nice out and we had to take advantage! It was nice to be able to get some exercise with my bf. I'm happy to say that he came to me and said he is really ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle with me. Before he would eat what healthy food I provided but now he wants to also do it at work and start exercising. This made me so happy because we can really support each other even more!! He has always been my #1 supporter and now I can be his!!

My weight loss/healthy lifestyle goals are simple:
1. Run a 5k in september in honor of my friend who passed away from melanoma
2. Lose 30lbs

I really think these are reasonable goals and I will make them happen! 2012 is going to be great and I'm SO excited!!

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