Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh hi.

Hi little blog. It's been awhile...

Good news: I haven't given up.

I am still trying to lose weight even though the journey is harder than usual.  I had a breakup with my boyfriend and I think I gained a few pounds. I stopped going to the gym for 2 weeks and started eating like an idiot.  And I always told myself I wasn't an emotional eater...ha.   Anyways, I am over that bs and now I am in the gym again and loving it! I feel so motivated. I have been doing Zumba three days a week and then just going to the gym when Zumba isn't offered.  It's a great cardio workout and it's fun!  It's like dancing for an hour.  I am still doing weights as well.

I weighed myself at the gym and according to their scale I def gained weight. So right now I am just concentrating on losing it again and getting back to where I was before.  I haven't been to ww since early January. Mostly because I have class on Mondays.  Once class is over in 7-8 weeks I'm going to go back and I hope to have lost the weight I gained plus more. I want to make my ww return a great one!

So since I have been MIA from this blog, I have been experimenting in the kitchen.  Since I have class twice a week it's important to be able to pack something instead of going through the drive thru like I used to do.  This week I made ziti. So good. I subbed fat free ricotta instead of part skim.  At first I was hesitant because some ff stuff is disgustingggg. You couldn't even tell it was ff. SO GOOD. I also used 95/5 ground beef to give it some flavor.  Usually I don't even add meat but I had it laying around.  Overall it was a great meal.  Add some salad and it's even better.

See! I'm still doing good!! I want to go to the gym on Tuesday, Zumba on Wed, gym on Thursday and then zumba on sat and sun!!! Wish me luck!! :)

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