Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Diet Bet

As I sit here eating my very last shoprite donut for a very long time, I am going to explain what I got myself into.

It's called diet betting. And it is exactly what it sounds like. Please go visit to really see what it is all about.

Basically you and a group of friends throw some money into a pot.  You all compete to make a 4% weight loss in 4 weeks.  If you make the goal, you get/share the pot.  Whoever makes the goal shares the pot with everyone else.  It's a really fun and competitive and a great way to get motivated. Exactly what I need.

So of course me being the IDIOT that I am...decided to eat the worst. lunch. ever. right before my weigh in for the first week of one of my diet bets.  I a lot of unhealthy shit food before I weigh myself...then weigh alot then work my ass off to lose the 4%.  Again, i'm an idiot and no one should ever take my advice.

So in a few minutes (when I finish this donut) I will be weighing myself for my official starting weight.  Then the games begin!!!

Zumba time.  Bring it on skinny friends!!!!!

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