Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mother F*cker

Yup, I said it.

So week one of my 1st diet bet was a complete failure!!! I ACTUALLY GAINED A POUND! hahahahaahahahah. Not funny, but it kinda sorta is.  Of course I am going to make up an excuse, but come was St. Patricks Day weekend and my first time being single on St. Pattys day in like 3 years! Hell yeah I was going to go out and go hard!

I had a party in DE at my friends house on Friday night.  That was fun.  Only drank about 2 beers and 2 jello shots but I ate a ton of food.  I couldn't help was so good. Honestly...who makes this shit: Irish pie: stuffing, chicken, sausage, cheese, eggs and potatoes. It was like a breakfast casserole and so freakin insanely good. I had too much of that. But of course there was also a pretzel tray, cheese, pepperoni, bbq pork and amazing desserts.  So needless to say, I ate too much.

Now, if I only had a party Friday, I probably wouldn't have gained.  But no....I also went out in Philly on Saturday for some day drinking.  Started off the day with rum and diet. Not too bad.  Then took the commuter train into Philly to go to a friends party.  Me and my friend who was with me decided we were way too sober to go to this party so we made an agreement to stop at every bar on the way to take an irish car bomb.  Luckily for us we were almost there and only stopped at 3 bars in like 10 mins.  So we only had 3 car bombs. ONLY. Wtf...looked that shit up on my fitness pal and each asshole is 300 calories!!! So that is almost 1,000 calories and my day didn't even really start!! Shit.

Got to the party drank about 3-4 beers. Racking up those calories. After the party went and got cheesesteaks (no judging, we were in philly after all, how can you not get a cheesesteak as your drunk food?).  We stumbled around philly for a while longer and then headed back home.  Came home and ate pizza for dinner because i was wasted and thought it would prevent me from vomming. Awesome, such a role model.

The only good thing about saturday was that we walked ALOT. So i possibly maybe prevented myself from gaining even more weight.  Friday night and Saturday were my only main setbacks for the week.  Now that is done and over with, I can look ahead and hopefully get back on track to lose some weight and win some money.

My 2nd diet bet started today and there are 12 people playing so far! That's a pot of $240.  Great motivation!!! Zumba tonight! Let's get it onnnnn.

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