Thursday, April 5, 2012


I love exercise. I really do.  It makes me feel good and keeps me happy!  When I say exercising is not the problem in my weight loss journey...I mean it.  I have worked out the past 5 days straight.  And they were all good, long, intense workouts.  I am annoyed I can't go workout outside today because I have lame class...but that will end soon!

So as everyone in my life knows...I get addicted to things way too easily.  Currently I am addicted to: Shopping, MadMen, xbox zombie shooting game, zumba and running.  Oh...and food. That damn food shit just will not go away.  I am eating healthy but I know I still am eating too much food.  My next goal is to keep cutting that back. Obviously I have the exercising thing on now it's time to work on the food.

So that is my goal for the next week.  I want to see some weight loss results!!! I am sick of being in the 270s! I want to get back down to the 260s and get a move on already!!   I have been stuck here for 6 months! Grrr.

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