Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress Pics

So this weekend was awesome (health wise).  I killed it and lost 2lbs for a total of 48.6lbs.  SO CLOSE!!!

Everytime I weigh myself and see that I lost a lot, I am always so hesitant about posting it.  I'm so nervous that it is a fluke and I really didn't lose it.  That has ahppened to me like 3 times before. I got so excited and then...oh wait...just kidding. The scale forgot to weigh the other 5lbs of me. Wah.  I am hoping this isn't the case since I have been working SO hard the past 2 weeks.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided to enjoy it.  Well as much as I can enjoy a day in anyways, I started getting dressed and since it was like 80* I went to get my jeans that I roll up into capri like pants.  I haven't worn these pants since it was warm out last so probably like....September?? When I put them on I got a very pleasant surprise.

THEY WERE WAYYYY TOO BIG!!! Like really big. I was so shocked.  I could slip them on without even unbuttoning them.  They are size 20s from Old Navy so I guess I should have expected it. But omg...I almost cried. I was so happy I had to take a pic.  They were loose in the legs and booty too.  Yeah...about that. Wtf I do not want to lose my butt. I love my bubble but and I want it to stay forever. I love how that is shrinking and my boobs are not changing at all.  Come on man!!! Tmi...sorry :)

So after this pic I put on my old belt and I made it tighter by like 2-3 notches. That was the only way I could wear these pants.  I still think they look cute on me even tho they are big so I am going to wear them while I still can.  Plus I just spend like $200 on new jeans and I do not want to spend more on roll up jeans! Oh well.

So after getting dressed I decided that I looked cute and took a pic.

Is it me or do I look kinda good? I mean I haven't even lost that much weight! But it is showing anyways! I think that since I haven't lost a lot in the past 6 months that I must have lost a lot of inches. Because all my clothes fit differently and my rings keep flying off my fingers more than usual.

So now after these two pics, i'm like obsessed with taking pictures of myself. I promise i'm not vain, I just like looking at them!! I mean...come on!!!! This is what I used to look like!

Haha i'm wearing the same colors.  Anyways, I see a difference.  The right pic is a pic from like 2009?? I decided to pose in a tradeshow shipping crate. hahahaha.  I know exactly the outfit I am wearing and I can tell you that the Juicy hoodie is a 3x and too big, the pink tank top is a 4x and way too big. I usually work out in it now under neath my tshirts. Then those jeans I think are a 22 or 24. I don't own them anymore :)

Now, this is my outfit for today!  I love it!

I LOVE this outfit and I think it will be my graduation outfit :)  The sweater is an XL, the dress is a 2x and the belt is about 3.5 inches tighter than it was last summer! Now the shoes...I LOVE those shoes.  I couldn't wear them to work because since I lost weight, they are too big and flop on my heel. I hate that. I am going to look for some fashion tape so I can still wear them.  They were expensive and I love them! I am not getting rid of them! 

So this is my little picture update so that everyone can see where I am today.  I am happy and I don't care that it has taken me 14 months to get here.  I will be patient and wait for however long it takes to reach my goal!  Because I want this and I am never giving up.


  1. There is such a HUGE difference between your 2 photo's! That's awesome! Way to go!!!

  2. Wow! You look amazing!!!!! I wanna steal that striped dress... I'm completely fashion stupid.

    1. Thank you Nicole!!!! The dress is from old navy! They have the best dresses...and for cheap :D