Monday, April 2, 2012



Not the weight loss kind of progress (yet) but another type of progress that has kept me smiling for the past 24 hours!

Since the past 2 weekends have been full of drinking and eating like an ahole, I decided to stay in NJ this weekend and concentrate on myself.  I didn't run home to DE to see friends nor did I really go out and do anything. Except, exercise.  I think it is important to have weekends like that, esp if you have gotten off track from achieving your goals.  Which I clearly have been off track for 6 months!!!

Saturday morning I woke up early to go to Zumba at the gym at 9:45am.  After Zumba I felt great!  Disgustingly sweaty, motivated and wanting more.  I lifted some weights and then went home to watch mad men. My new freakin obsession.  I could write a blog just on all my crazy ass obsessions, but that is for another day....So Saturday was gloomy and rainy but after about 5 episodes hours of mad men I was craving more exercise.  I decided to go out and walk/run in the nasty ass sorta rain.  I ended up doing a 2.6 mile walk with a lot of running.  More running than usual. It was a pleasant surprise really!  I was tired after and was ready to sit on my ass and watch more mad men...

On Sunday I woke up SUPER early to take my dog to the groomers.  I thought since I was early I mine as well go to the gym 1 hour early before Zumba started. I did alot more weights and then got bored.  I had about 35 minutes to kill so I decided to walk on the treadmill.  I usually walk at 3.3mph on the treadmill but after about 15 minutes I started to get booooored.  So I remembered what my work friend said...I was running too fast.  In the past when I ran on the treadmill I would run between 5.5-6.5mph and could only make it about 1/4 mile or 3-4mins before dying.  I decided to experiment and started running at 4.5mph.  It was a slow pace but I was still running.  So 2 minutes went by (not bad), then 4 minutes (holy shit), then 6 minutes (am I really running 6 mins??), then 8 minutes (OMG 8 minutes!!!!), then 10 MINUTES went by and I was still RUNNING. HOLY. SHIT.  I ran 10 minutes without stopping.  It was over 1/2 a mile!!!!! AHHH I was on cloud 9 and I could not stop smiling. I was so happy!!! And the most amazing thing, is while I was running, I felt like I could have gone LONGER!!! I stopped only because Zumba was starting. Omg...10 minutes!!!

I know some of you are laughing and being like..."wow who the f cares....10 minutes woop."  But for is a HUGE deal.  I don't think I have been able to run that long in.....forever? Maybe in my high school days when I was playing soccer and basketball but def not in the past 10 years.  So this is amazing for me and I am so excited.  I may not be losing the weight I want to at the moment, but being able to run this long is just amazing.  It really shows that my hard work is paying off.  It is great motivation and I am so excited to go out tonight and try to run that long again!!!  I want to be the type of person who is addicted to running and runs 5ks all the time.  I want it so bad!!!!!

And it will happen! :)  eventually...

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  1. Awesome job! I have totally been there and felt that- great post and great job!