Thursday, April 12, 2012

Props to you DietBet!!! a marketing student I am always judging companies about their presence and image.  I love seeing their marketing and the way they present themselves to consumers.  I have to say how impressed I am about DietBet and their drive for customer satisfaction.

This is regarding my post earlier today when I tweeted about my new post:

1. Props to DietBet for actually listening to what their customers have to say via Twitter. ESP clicking on a link and reading a random blog post.
2. I think it's amazing that they acknowledged their wording needed work and said they would look into fixing it. They could have said nothing.
3. This is a company that knows what they are doing.  Because of this little *free* tweet, I will now always be a fan of DietBet and will promote their existence.  Basically they just got me to advertise their company for free. genius. 

This is why I LOVE marketing and will always be fascinated by it.  I can also appreciate a company that knows how to work social media and use it to their advantage. Love it.

...totally a marketing nerd <3

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