Monday, May 7, 2012

Always Something...

Just when my obsessiveness was in full force with running, I hurt my hamstring. Really? Come on!

Last Tuesday I decided to go for a run outside and go hard after not working out and running for 4-5 days. I ran my farthest outside sets of .6miles. Ummmmm mistake.  Because silly me pushed myself beyond my limits (which is a VERY good thing, but not that day apparently) and my 260something lb body couldn't handle it I guess. I was fine after my workout, I felt amazing and was smiling all night over my accomplishment.  Then I woke up the next morning and died. My hamstring hurt, it was really sore.  Of course that day I went to Zumba and killed it. A hot sweaty mess.  My hamstring hurt even worse the next day.

Then, me being the smart girl addict that I am, went to the gym again on Thursday where I thought it was a great idea to push myself hard to run longer and farther than I ever have on a treadmill.  Mission accomplished btw...I ran 1.26 miles and 16:33 minutes. YEAH BABY!!!! I am proud of that, but I am not proud of the walk I have been flaunting due to limping because my

Do you think I would have listened to the 100 people telling me to rest a few days? Hell no. I took a rest on Friday only because it was Friday and I had plans. But of course, Saturday morning I was right back out there getting it in. I was in Delaware for the weekend and there is an amazing park right down the street from my parents house.  I have been going there for forever and walking the loop and exercising.  I have never been able to run a whole lap let alone half of a lap.  So what did I decide to do? I decided that I was going to run a full lap of the park. Idiot. Once I get something like that in my head, I have to do it or I will just obsess about it. Soooooo I did it.  I ran a whole park lap and it was .8miles. My longest distance running outside!!!! I was so happy and felt so accomplished I almost cried in the middle of the park!  This is something I could never do, and I DID IT!!!!! :)

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut of course, that day my hamstring hurt SO bad I was like limping all day.  It hurt to walk, sit down, cross my legs, drive my car and sneezing/coughing was like death.  So I am proud that I accomplished that running goal, but I hurt so bad. And I still didn't stop!!!!!

Sunday morning I made my sister go running with me.  She is actually training to run the 5k with me (all my bffs are because we want to support eachother and do it together!!) and I made her go to the park with me early Sunday morning to get a run in.  Me and my sister have never worked out before, ever.  She has always been skinny and then she had a baby and know.  So now we are both working hard to get healthy and we were going to run together. So we did.  We did week 4 of C25K and it was intervals of 3 & 5 min runs/walks. We banged it out and did a few more park laps.  I was so proud of us for running together and motivating eachother. It was AWESOME and a great memory.

When you look rough, you know you had a good workout! 

But now, as expected, my hamsting is really really hurting.  I have decided to take 2 days rest and will not be running today or tomorrow.  I may still go to the gym and do other activities because I don't want to lose my momentum! I am so scared that if I have 2 days off I wont be able to get back into it.  I am so determined to keep going and reach my goals that I am terrified this injury will prevent me from getting in some great training this week!  Let's hope not!!! I need to feed my addition! typical.

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  1. huggs that sucks! What is your stretching routine after working out? Stretching is vital, remember! ;)