Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The BIGGEST Loser of Them All....

Yes, that is me.  And you know what...i'm not even sad about it! Nope. Not at all. I am 100% calling myself out.

Today was my DietBet weigh in and I am proud happy embarrassed errr what's the word....annoyingly OK to say that I gained 4.9lbs in a week. Yup. A week.  Now I know this is terrible news and that I should be way upset about it, and I totally am.  I am not ok with gaining that much weight in a week or at all!  It sucks.  The only thing I can do is make up an excuse that it is because I am injured and have not worked out in 2 weeks, even though that excuse is complete bullshit.

Yes, I have been popping pills all week for the pain and I have not been able to workout, but I still shouldn't have gained almost 5lbs.  That is ridiculous and embarrassing.  Apparently me being hurt has been an excuse for me to:

A. Overeat 
B. Eat ice cream almost everyday 
C. Pop pills and lay around the house
D. All of the above

If you haven't already guessed, the answer is D. All of the above, and it's pathetic. 

This weekend was my honor society induction on Friday and then graduation for my MBA on Sunday (total nerd and proud of it). Yay me!!! I am very proud of myself and it was an awesome weekend. 

Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society Induction
So proud of myself to earn those ropes!
My graduation outfit.
LOVE those heels. I rocked them even with a busted hamstring.
Fashion IS pain.
Class of 2012
Master of Business Administration, MBA
Marketing Management Concentration
and the CUTEST Pop-pop ever <3
University of Delaware 2007 vs Wilmington University 2012
Yikes, what 5 years and 50lbs looks like.
Hate the picture on the left and NEVER going back.
Needless it was a great weekend celebrating my nerdiness.  I spent the weekend in Delaware and whenever I am in DE I let myself eat a little off course.  I ate ice cream and ice cream and oh yeah...ice cream.  I think this is because I do not allow myself to buy it for my apartment so whenever I have the chance to have it, I do. Fail. Stupid. 

So needless to say, I gained 5lbs and I can't blame all of that on water retention from the 3 new medications I am taking for my hamstring. So that is that. 

About my hamstring, I had an MRI yesterday and I hope to find out soon what is going on.  I am hoping that nothing is torn and that another week or two of rest will help it heal and I can start running again soon! I miss it SO much, it was my outlet and I need it back!!

The title of this post is kinda referencing the show The Biggest Loser.  I am seeing all of these tweets, news articles and blog posts about the 14th season of the show and how they are doing a casting in Philly.  In the past I have seriously thought about auditioning for the show, and even made a video.  I believe I have the drive and personality to make a great cast member. I would kill it and own that show, seriously I totally would. But then...I would think about what the show is really all about...

...unrealistic expectations.  That show makes people think that it is 100% normal for someone to lose 10lbs in a week. Um....no.  It def isn't.  It gives people false hopes and expectations that are completely rare and unrealistic.  It is not common for someone to quit their 9-5 and workout for 8 hours a day.  I'm sorry but most likely that would not happen. And what happens when they leave the show and have to start working again? They can't keep working out 8 hours a day and will most likely gain the weight back!  It's totally ridiculous. And then the pressure of it all!! The pressure of being on the show in the public eye (in a sports bra eeep) and losing weight and then after the show you have to keep it off.  I would probably turn anorexic because I would be so scared of gaining weight and people noticing. No thank you! I mean the idea of it all seems like an amazing quick fix to a terrible obese problem, but would it be worth it?  I don't think so and that is why I never turn in the audition tapes I make. I just can't and I wont.  So...this is the closest I will ever come to being a contestant on The Biggest Loser:
Halloween 2008
Biggest Loser Contestant and my Trainer
Best. Costume. Ever.

So to sum up a crazy long post, this week I hope to find out what is wrong with my hamstring and how long it will take to fix it.  I am also going to concentrate on eating less crap ice cream and keep reminding myself why I am on this journey.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don’t.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.

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