Thursday, May 3, 2012


Heyyy!! Look!! I am going to try to be a "real" blogger! I am posting my first video blog! I'm kinda nervous about it, I mean...I guess you will see why.

I decided to do this because well...almost every fit blog I read has them. And apparently I can't come up with original ideas, so I am stealing theirs.

Why do they pick the most embarrassing stills to be the cover? 

I hope through my vlogs you can understand who I really am and why I am doing this journey.  It's a huge step for me to show everyone my life without doing it through words. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think!! :)  If you like them, I will do a few more.


  1. I thinkI just started following you on Twitter so I wanted to check out your blog. Congrats on losing 49 pounds so far. Whenever I get to what I call "milestone" weigh ins it takes me that much longer to reach them. I think part of it is that maybe my body is acclimating to losing weight.

    At what weight did you start running? I've lost 92 pounds but still need to lose a lot more. I am in the 290's and have been walking consistently since August and want to start running but I am not sure if my knees could take the strain at this point. Did you follow C25K?

    And congrats on your first Vlog.

  2. thank you for stopping by! i just read your latest post, and my goal reward is a pair of loubis too! :)

    hmmm I have always been pretty athletic my whole life so I started "running" when I first started at 315lbs. I mean it wasn't real running just like running from this stop sign to that tree. Lately, around 270lbs I have been really running alot. If walking is getting boring or if you don't feel satisfied from a walking workout, then you are probably ready to start running. I think your knees will be ok as long as you take it slow and work your way up to longer running times. i don't do c25k but I prob should. I think it's a really great app! you should try it!! :)