Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weigh In

Yay!!! After a terribly horrible day yesterday, I woke up this morning happy and excited for my weigh in.  I worked so hard last week that I knew I would see some results!

I weighed in and lost 3.2lbs! Now...I gained a few pounds the last 2 weeks so this puts me at a total loss of 48.8lbs!  Overall I am my lowest weight yet by .2lbs!!! Every ounce counts, I will take it!

So.close.to.50!!!!!! I am only 1.2lbs away from losing 50lbs!!! FINALLY!!! It's only taken me a year and a half :)  I hope to reach that goal by next weeks weigh in.

I really want to continue my running tonight but I can't....I can barely walk! eeeeeep.  I should have stopped running last week, now I am scared I made my hamstring even worse.  I have my favorite zumba class tomorrow and I am going no matter what.  So the plan for tonight is to ice and elevate my hammy and hope that it starts to feel better asap. I have some free weights at home so at least I can get some strength workouts in.  I refuse to just sit around, I am way too determined :)

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