Friday, June 29, 2012

The Scale Does Not Define You

I seriously do consider myself a hardcore optimist.  In every bad situation something good can be found.  I truly believe that. I know that my blog has been nothing but wah wah wah the past few months but honestly...I am somewhat grateful for that.  I understand it is totally annoying to my blog readers and I am very sorry (I would be annoyed too haha).  BUT this is my blog and I have to use it to share what is on my mind.  So I am sorry, but then i'm also not sorry...hear me out.

I'm not sorry because I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of.  This weightloss journey has been so hard but has also been amazing.  It has changed me SO much in so many ways.  Some good changes and some not so good.  But that is what makes a journey a journey right?  Learning new things about yourself and trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be.  I love's so exciting!

Basically I have been stuck in the 260s since August 2011.  Some may look at this as a failure but it totally isn't! ('s almost a year. oops)  During that time frame I have had to deal with 2 major setbacks and injuries.  Both times I was on a roll and kicking ass and then BOOM!! Stopped dead in my tracks and sidelined for months.  No joke...months.  Did I give up?? HELL NO! Did I fail?? HELL NO! Did I go back to me old ways?? HELL NO!

I kept my head held high.
I kept my goals.
I kept my determination.
I kept my positive attitude.
I kept my confidence.
I kept my lifestyle changes.
I kept my habits.
I kept my discipline.
and most importantly...
I kept going.

Yes, I probably should be further along than I am now.  But weightloss isn't the only desired outcome during this journey. During this time I have achieved so much more.  These we like to call NSV (non scale victories):

Running over a mile without stopping.
Going to the doctor and having outstanding blood pressure.
Buying size 18 jeans.
Eating clean meals.
Walking into a store & able to buy whatever I want instead of going to extended sizes online.
Belt tails being so much longer.
Flexing my arms and seeing muscle forming.
Making bracelets smaller.
Feeling healthy and strong.
Finally looking in the mirror & feeling pretty instead of big girl pretty.
Rings falling off my fingers.
Face looking less fat.
Pulling off dresses everyday without fat and gross legs.
Wearing sleeveless dresses at the beach without being embarrassed.

Yes, I have been floating within 10lbs the last 10 months...but look what I have accomplished!  To me...that is not failure.  Yes the weight has not been coming off, but something is happening and that makes me happy.  I am so proud of myself and I KNOW I will eventually reach my goals.  I don't care if it takes me 2 years or 10 to reach them as long as I do.  I am never giving up and it's the little things like those nsv's that keep me going.

The reason for this post is to
1. Apologize for being a whiny brat.
2. Show myself what I have accomplished even though the scale hasn't been moving.
3. Bring attention to all my positives during this negative time.

Now for some awesome pictures:


My too big Tiffany bracelet :)
Had to tighten it by 2 rings and it's still loose!

I bought this belt Summer 2011 and it barely fit.
The THEN pic shows what it looked like when I first got it.
And look at it NOW!!!!!

The Doctor said I could I did.

I was in so much pain but made it through 3.6 miles!
Came home & made a clean meal.
Shrimp, tomato, cucumber, onion & feta.

Outfits from the week:
Pink & Navy

Tiffany Blue
Cute & Simple
I have really been obsessed with my fashion lately.  I love dressing my body to make it look the best it can.  So many girls get that wrong and I wish I could help them.  Just always remember my motto: Dress the body you have, not the body you want.

That is it for now.  I love this post.  It makes me feel happy to see how far I have come even though I have been in a scale rut.  Always remember that the number on the scale does not define you. <3

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