Friday, June 22, 2012

People Detox? Not Happening...

I had every intention to have a people detox this weekend. Yeah....not happening.

What is a people detox you ask? It's exactly what it assumes to be.  No people.

That may sound weird to some...and it totally kinda is...but weightloss really f*cks with your head. Seriously.  I have so many emotions running through me that another busy weekend could send me over the edge.

And before you label me as crazy...hear me out.  Simple as that.  I am a people person and I like to be around people as much as possible.  When i'm not...i'm lonely.  Esp living in a state where I have 1 friend and everyone else lives 45mins-1hour away. Total bummer.

Anyways...people detox...I know I keep harping on this hamstring injury but it is really affecting me and my attitude.  It makes me bitchy and mean and I really hate that. On Monday I was thinking that I needed some time to myself to really figure out what I want, what my goals are and how to achieve them.  I was going to just close the world out and really think about what I can do to get past this.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  But then friends started asking me to hang out so...yeahhhhh...not happening.  oops.

I'm ok with that.  I have an appointment on Monday to go see an orthopedic specialist.  Hopefully they can help me figure out what is going on and maybe shoot some cortisone in my leg or something.  My hopes are high and my fingers are crossed.  My attitude is sad sometimes but it's still determined.  I was able to lose a few pounds over the past 2 weeks and I am happy with where I am.  Losing weight without exercise is SO hard for me.  I need it in order to be successful.  The most upsetting part is that I am nowhere near to where I hoped I would be at this time.  I need to get out of the 260s!!!! And soon!  I am so close and I just need to do itttt.

This is such a dumb post about nothing. haha. ok i'm done.

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  1. good luck Julie!! Have you been to a physical therapist yet? After time with my orthopedic specialist, that's where he sent me for my tennis elbow and that's what really helped me, so hopefully it will help you too! hugggs

    Also- have you tried foam rolling? I'm positive my lingering hamstring tightness isn't nearly as bad as your pain, but working on my hamstring and my IT band has really helped. Along with that I've also been wearing compression socks when I know I need to sit a lot and it helps keep that blood circulating up.

    Just some foods for thought- good luck hun!