Monday, June 25, 2012

Specialist Update...


Yeah...wasn't good.  So basically because I have extreme pain running from my ass to my foot...that isn't hamstring tendinitis.  Hamstring injuries apparently stop at the knee.  Sooooooooo nowwwww I have to go get all this nerve testing done because it could be my sciatic nerve.  But then the doctor said it could still be hamstring tendinitis?! See this is why I need a grown up to come to the doctor with me.  I'm an idiot and I get confused.

Does anyone know if that is bad (sciatic nerve)? I honestly have no idea.  All I know is that I hurt and I want to know why I hurt and how to get it to go away.

OHHHH!!! One little blip of good news: the doctor said that I can walk and/or swim!  THIS IS AMAZING NEWS!! I even asked "are you serious?? even if walking makes me hurt 100x worse I can still do it?!?!" and he said YES!!!! Holla!  So basically even though I die when I walk...I can still do it without creating more damage.


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  1. yay! but sciatic nerve pain is awful. I had it years ago when I had back problems. Good luck with the tests