Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is a GOOD Day!

Such a great morning so far!  A much better improvement over yesterday, that's for sure!

Since my hamstring injury 4 weeks ummmm 5? 6? I forget how long it's been....possibly 6 weeks ago, I have been struggling...a lot.  Not only with exercise but with the drive to keep going.  When you are on such a roll and something stops you dead in your's very hard and upsetting.  You can do either two things:

1. Give up
2. Keep going

There is no in between half ass way to go.  It's either you do it, or you don't.  At first I was a little scared that I was going to just give up.  I just sat around and iced my leg and popped pills. Prescribed pills...but still stupid.  I wasn't eating that well....not terrible but def not like I was.  I did that for about 3 weeks and saw that my weight shot up about 5lbs or so (I forget the actual highest number I got up to).  The first week without exercise I gained 3lbs and just blamed it on water retention from the percocets and muscle relaxers anddd anti inflamatory pills I was on.  Was this the case? Who knows but in my head it was going to be the reason why.  Also the reason why it was ok to slip up on meals and go out with friends and drink. Huh?! Stupid.

Wellllll after about 3 weeks of that bs I decided to stop.  I really tried to buckle down my food intake and incorporate more clean meals into my diet.  A clean meal is exactly what it sounds like: all fresh fruits, veggies, meats, proteins. No preservatives or processed food. I started cooking clean meals during the week and I think that really helped me shed these pounds.  In a recent post I also talked about going to the gym that one time...I haven't been since because I was scared of hurting my hamstring again.  I have been lifting at home.  Just little 5lb weights but they do the trick.  I also started walking when I can. If my leg isn't bothering me too bad I go for a long walk..still no running. Yet.  But I figure if I walk in my daily life without killing my hamstring, I can walk for exercise too.  I lost a lot of my weight in the beginning by walking so I know it works pretty well for me.  I started off Sunday on a small walk of only 3 miles at a really slow pace.  It was hot out and I was in pain but I still got in the miles I craved.  Yesterdays walk was awesome.  I battled through a 4.5 mile walk in  little over an hour.  It felt GREAT.  I came home and cooked myself a clean meal and it was a great ending to a somewhat bad day!

Clean Meal: Sauteed Shrimp with Avocado, Tomatoes, and Red Onion.
Strawberries on the side.

It was a terrible morning becuase I was wayyyyy late for work and had to hurry up and get dressed. I put on this super cute outfit. I flew out the door and was reaching into my bag to grab my phone to text my manager that I was on my way and then.......I fell off a curb?! really?! in a dress?! Total idiot LOL I scraped myself up pretty bad and ended up really scratching my Tory Burch flats (so mad). However, I didn't let my cuts and scraps knock me down! A determined girl lets NOTHING get in her way <3

My cute new dress ruined :(
Neosporin stain. boooo

My Scrapes. Ouchhhh :(

I was excited to come in this morning and weigh myself. I knew it would be good and it was!  I am back down to 264.2lbs which is exactly what I was before my injury and my lowest weight to date during this journey. That puts me at a 50.6lb loss! YAY!!! Makes me feel so good!  I am so motivated right now and all I want to do is to keep GOING!  I want to see the 250s SOON!

For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram, I wanted to show you some of my pics.  I love IG! There is an AMAZING weightloss community on there.  So much support and a giant love fest.  My IG is a bunch of fashion pictures and healthy meals/workouts. I love it.  Below are a few of my recent looks from this week. If you aren't on IG, you should be! :)
Love this outfit.  That dress is way too big too :)

A new dress. So excited I fit into regular Old Navy now!
No more plus size! :)
This saves me a lot of $$ haha

Writing this post just reminds me how important your attitude is during a weightloss journey.  A negative attitude will get you nowhere except back to where you started.  Always stay positive and never give up.  If you want this bad enough, it will happen. No matter how long it takes or what you have to go WILL happen and you WILL get there.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for getting back to more clean eating and getting some walks in. 4.5 miles in an hour- HOLY CRAP! You go, girl!! Keep up all the good work! <3