Monday, July 23, 2012


Seems weird right?  Totally weird...but my MRI is def a NSV in my eyes.

I just got back from doing my 2nd round of MRIs and it was way different than the first time.  The first time I went in feet first and didn't even have to go into the little hole tube scary thing.  It was legit and I even could listen to music while I was getting hamstring pics done. Not too bad.

Thiiiiiis time I had to go in head first and it was scary as hell.  It was like being in a coffin. You couldn't move and it was scaryyyyy.  I had to close my eyes the whole time and think of something else.

Here is the NSV...I fit in the tube! Yeahhhh buddy! Good thing I lost that 50lbs because I feel if I was any fatter I wouldn't have fit.  How embarrassing would that have been if I got stuck in the tube?  Yikes...

Anyways...I will get my results on Wednesday with the orthopedic specialists.  Crossing my fingers that this will be the last step in the process and I can finally find out what the hell is wrong with me!  That would be nice... because I am so ready to get back on track with my running!  I MISS IT!

Original Doctors Appointment
MRI of Hamstring
Orthopedic Specialist
EMG Nerve Testing
Orthopedic Specialist
MRI of Back
Orthopedic Specialist

...crossing my fingers...

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