Friday, July 6, 2012

Ohh Friday

I had big plans for you!

A 5 mile walk and some weight lifting and I was totally excited for it (I even had a cute workout outfit planned).  I need a workout high and I haven't been able to get in in about a week!!! UGH terrible.

Seriously.  In so much pain.  I don't get it.  Some days aren't as bad as others but the past week has been insane.  I hurt so bad and I can barely sleep at night.  I think wed night I got a total of 2.5 hours of sleep.  I was up all night and probably popped like 9 Tylenol. It's awful!  I have 3 percocets left but I am saving them lol.  For what...i'm not sure, but like if I go to the beach all day I want to be able to not be in pain. You know?.  I am just scared to take them because I will run out and then I will have a day where I realllllly need them and then I wont have any.  I just called my specialist begging for help.  Either move my nerve specialist appointment up from the 17th or prescribe me some pain meds.  (ummmm am I an addict?? I hope not...)

I think this is the hardest test I have been put through during this journey.  It's going on 2 months and I was doing so well before this injury.  Now all I can do is stay positive (so important) and eat right. I have been able to maintain and lose a little weight since this happened but I am no where close to where I should be.  It's so frustrating but these things happen I guess.

Ohh btw, I am sorry if you read this often or follow me on instagram.  Apparently my IG has turned into a fashion IG and not so much weightloss journey. It's hard to post weightloss things when you aren't able to do much.  I feel bad because there are a lot of weightloss people following me and I can't share anything with them! I feel like a fraud! I promise i'm not....

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Let's hope this gets fixed sooooon!

 “Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.” 

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