Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick and Dirty Update

So many crazy changes in my life right now so not enough time for a good here is a quick and dirty update...

I got my MRI results back yesterday morning and I have a herniated disc. Boooooo. It sucks. No wonder I have been hurting so much the past 3 months!

Here are my next options per the orthopedic specialist:

1. Do nothing and live with the pain. (hell no)
2. Pop pain pills until it just goes away, if it ever does. (hell no)
3. Go to physical thereapy and it miiiight work. (maybe)
4. Go to a spine specialist and get a needle. (idk what kind of needle)
5. Surgery

Those are the 5 options he gave me.  I am leaning towards going to a spine specialist and then trying out physical therapy.  I want to avoid surgery at all costs. So now the next step is to make that appointment and go from there.

So annoying...why couldn't they have figured this out from my 1st MRI 2 months ago....

3 months of bullshit:

Original Doctors Appointment
MRI of Hamstring
Orthopedic Specialist
EMG Nerve Testing
Orthopedic Specialist
MRI of Back
Orthopedic Specialist 
Spine Specialist

...stay positive...

p.s.- on a weight loss know... because this is supposed to be a weightloss blog...I weighed in on Monday and was happy to see 261.8lbs.  That is a 1lb gain over the past 3 months but I am ok with that.  Haven't been exercising so I was expecting like an 8lb gain.  I haven't given up and I won't ever. YEAH!


  1. 1lb in 3 months isn't bad at all! That sucks about your back, hopefully something (besides surgery) helps!

  2. Been thinking about you, hoping to see you post soon! You have lots of cheerleaders in your corner girl :)

    1. You're so sweet!!! thank you for supporting me!! I need all the support i can get! <3 xoxo