Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Running & Fashion...Obsessed

What else is new...i'm obsessed with everything! joke.

Before my injury I was running a mile or more without stopping.  It was the besssst feeling everrrrr and I was  certainly obsessively addicted.  I always wanted more more more and pushed myself past my limits every time.  I suppose that is why I ended up hurting myself HAHAHAAHA. Idiottttt.

So the past 2.5 months I have been sidelined from my usual hardcore running workouts.  I didn't even really do much of anything for the first month.  I ended up gaining like 5lbs because this journey is somewhat impossible for me without working out. Then I decided that I have come way toooo far to sit around and not do whatever I can to get in a good burn.  So then I started walking.  Started off doing only 3 miles here and there and I def paid for it.  Walking even just 3 miles made my leg hurt insanely bad.  I always limp the first mile and then after that my leg gets used to the "situation" and I am able to increase my speed. Usually within an hour after i'm done working out my leg killllllls me.'s worth it, esp if the doctor said I could walk.

This past Sunday I was feeling anxious for an amazing sweat sesh that made me feel good.  I started off wanting to get in 5 miles but kept going and ended up doing 6!! That is the longest I have walked so far and I totally could have kept going.  It felt so good and I was in the zone the whole time.  It started off really slow and my leg really hurt for the first few miles.  But then that went away and I just knocked it out.  Yeah!!!

I really want to start up my weightloss hardcore again.  I am sick of being stuck in the 260s!! So last night I was feeling way motivated to get out there and kick some assssss.  I was only going to walk and I set out for 5 miles.  10 minutes into the walk I had the extreme urge to just RUN.  When you are used to running...just walking feels sub par.  Your body is ready to move faster but I was told I couldn't, so I wouldn't.  Buttttt....last night I did.  I don't know why I did but I thought it would be an ok move to just run a little.  I ended up running half mile increments which isn't bad for taking 2.5 months off!  IT.FELT.AMAZING!!!  It felt so good to push myself and feel the intense workout feeling again.  I LOVED IT. leg did not.  I am def in pain this morning but to was worth it.  I just don't care anymore.  This journey is too important to me to let a little pain knock me off my tracks.  I ended up doing 5 miles last night and it was exactly what I needed.

5 miles and a clean meal.

Now....on to my next obsession: Fashion.

I haven't always loved fashion...def not!!! In highschool I used to wear hoodies and jeans everyday and I was kinda like a tomboy.  My best friends growing up were two guys and I just was never really girly.  I played sports and I never really liked to shop... happened.

Something changed.  I became a girly girl mostly because my freshman year roommate was a typical Long Island girl (take that as you wish, but in this case that means spoiled rich & bratty).  She kinda taught me how to do makeup and take care of my hair.  I would go shopping allll the time. know damn straight I was wearing a hoodie and jeans to those 8am classes!

All through college and even after college I was obsessed with shopping.  However, now I feel like it's ten times worse!!!  This is mainly because stores are coming out with the cutttttest plus size clothes ever! I can't help it!! If you throw a cute dress in my face, i'm obviously going to buy it!  What makes things worse is that in some stores I don't even need plus size so a whole new market of clothes has opened up. UMMMMM this is a problem. I can't stop shopping!

I also love to prove to the world that just because you are a big girl that does NOT mean that you can not dress nice. There are so many big girl stereotypes like that we dress messy or have no fashion sense. Complete bullshit if you ask me!! I love to look cute and classy whenever I can and I will show the world that it is doable.

Two new looks from this week:
Green & Navy
Classic prep combo <3
Out of my comfort zone on this one...
tucking my shirt into my skirt.
But...I kinda like it!

My mission is to break all big girl fashion stereotypes...
one obsessive shopping trip after another!


  1. Ummmm I LOVE that green dress, too cute!

    1. Thank you!!! Old navy! Almost everything I wear is from there lol.

  2. Julie, keep up the great work! You look amazing and you are truly my inspiration! When I have bad days (like today) your post made me anxious to get out of work and go for a run!!! We can do this!!

    1. xoxo that is such a nice thing to say!! You are right...we CAN do this! <3

      Do you have a blog? I would love to follow...

  3. Aww your outfits are adorable! Esp those Tory Burch wedges!

    Check me out, follow back?

    xoxo =)

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