Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update...Just Laugh... situations like just have to laugh...

or cry...but i'm going to choose to laugh, I've done enough crying.

So I went baaaack to my orthopedic specialist today to go over the EMG nerve test that was done yesterday.  Obviously the test came back showing that I had nerve damage and a pinched nerve. Yay...actually I am ok with that because now we know what is going on. Well sort of.

The next step is going back to get anotherrrrr MRI done, but this time of my back.  They think I have pinched nerves and something is going on with my discs...not sure I wasn't really paying attention and I have a bad memory.  Another reason why I need a grown up with me at all times.  Oh well...bring it on. I am ready for this to be over.

This is why you just have to laugh:

Original Doctors Appointment
MRI of Hamstring
Orthopedic Specialist
EMG Nerve Testing
Orthopedic Specialist
MRI of Back
Orthopedic Specialist

Awesome. Almost 3 months of annoyingness. I hope it ends there because these copays are killing my wallet and my shopping budget.

...stay positive...


  1. Been thinking about you... hoping it gets better soon!

    1. You are so adorably sweet. thank you! i am hoping next week brings great things! xoxo