Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

I went to the spine specialist yesterday for an emergency follow up since I have been in so much pain since my 1st injection last Friday 

My dad came with me because like I always say...I need a grown up with me at all times.  When I go to the doctor I usually never ask important questions and always forget what they say anyway.  So this time the pops came with me and thank g-d he did.  I did warn him not to be a dbag to the doctor tho.  He can get like that sometimes... because well...he's a hot headed male who wants results for his honeybee (we are so embarrassing).  Basically he saved my ass.  He asked all the right questions and took over the appointment.

I love him.
This is where my personality comes from.
We are the same person.

Here is what happened:

I go in, they show my dad my MRIs and he finally gets how bad the herniation is (before I swear my parents didn't believe me and just thought I liked taking pain pills. w.t.f.).  The doctor said that based on all of my weekend messages and breakdown Tuesday morning, that I should just get surgery.  They could fit me in this Friday if I wanted to have it.  After some talk about how surgery is a little scary we asked about a 2nd injection.  The doctor said that a 2nd injection like the 1st one I had would probably not work.  However, there is a different type of injection they can try.  basically the first one I had put the medicine right in the problem spot.  This new type will inject the meds above the problem area and shower it all over the whole L5 area or whatever it is.  He said it could work but if I am still in pain on Monday...I can get surgery on Wednesday of next week.  What the helllll. "It could work"...ummmm could?  I was kinda annoyed and said I didn't want to pay another $400 for something that could work. I'm not ok with that.  But then my dad told me to stop worrying about the money and that he would pay for it.  So of course I'm like...ok I'm down. (Funny thing is that my mom is taking me tomorrow and not my he better still pay).

So basically long story short...I have to go to the hospital again for a 2nd injection.  If it surgery for now. If it doesn't...possible surgery next week.

Let's keep those fingers crossed...

Ohhh btw...feeling great mentally today!  I was prescribed oxycontin yesterday because I haven't been sleeping.  Basically the other pain meds I was taking only lasted 3-4 hours so that is why I was waking up during the night at exactly 3-4 hour increments.  I took an oxycontin pill last night before bed and slept through the whole night for the first time in MONTHS!!! It was glorious.  I am still in a lot of pain but I feel refreshed.  This is great news. :)

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