Saturday, August 25, 2012

Same Old

Here's a little update.

Had my 2nd injection yesterday morning. It was similar to the experience last week except a few things. It was SO weird. I remember being in the pre-op room and getting my iv. Then I was being wheeled in the bed to the or and I saw my cute doctor say "hi Julie" and that's it!!!! I don't remember ANYTHING else. So weird. Especially since last time I pretty much remembered everything and I didn't even think I had drugs in me yet. I wonder if I passed out or clue. It's bothering me kinda. I want to know what happened. I also had all these extra weird patches all over my body. You know...the ones they stick all over you for some reason. I didn't have them last time. Weird...

After the injection I remember being in the post op room and the nurses all acted normal and the doctor didn't leave any notes so I never got to ask why I can't remember anything. It's really bothering me lol. Also this time I was HIGH as a kite telling all the male nurses they were hot. And I feel like I told my doctor that too at some point. Embarrassing lol.

Ok so now an update on how I'm feeling....crappy :(. I feel awful. I'm in a lot of pain still!! I do not feel an improvement at all that indicates this 2nd injection worked :( sad. I promised my mommy that I would take it easy so I am. Just resting all weekend. Laying down and sitting is really hurting me so I have to get up and walk around often. Such is life....

Monday will be the deciding factor on what step is next. Fingers crossed that this injection starts working so I don't have to get surgery. Pleaseeeee

P.S.- I have the best people in my life. Thank you to all of my friends who have reached out to see how I'm feeling. I love you all!!!! xoxox it means a lot to me <3 class="separator" div="div" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

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  1. GIANT HUGS!! Hope this second injection helps your pain and you don't have to get surgery! Either way you are in my prayers <3