Saturday, September 1, 2012

Helllllo Relief, I Love You

So just a little update!

Surgery was yesterday and it went....idk. Not that great I suppose. The hot doctor said that it was a worse case than they thought and it took them longer than expected to fix it. They had a hard time getting to the disc and removing it because it was so bad. I suppose this is just another case of me being a stubborn brat LOL.

This was my first surgery so I was pretty nervous at the hospital and to be put asleep. I had to wait in pre-op for like 2.5 hours...that was nerve wracking. Or maybe I'm just a wimpy drama queen lol. Once I got my anesthesia and Valium...I felt better lol.

Surgery was 2 hours and then I took awhile to wake up from the anesthesia. The tube they put down my throat was the part that made me nervous the most. Today my throat hurts and I'm congested so I'm assuming that's why.

I was in the recovery room until like 4pm then I went home. I could have spent the night but I wanted to rest at home. Last night was the first night I did not wake up in pain!!!! SO HAPPY about that!! My leg pain is 100% GONE! The feeling of being able to walk around and do things normally is amazing. I can't even explain how it feels.

I am still in a lot of pain but it's different pain. It's incision surgery pain. It hurts really bad and I have to always stand or lay. It's kinda obnoxious Bc I dont want to just lay around all day! Ugh.

Hot doctor wants me to be out of work for 6 weeks but that is def not happening. I can't do that!! I have tooo much to do. My parents are also making me stay in DE with them for at least a week. I'm ok with that I suppose...they have good coffee every morning and yummy frozen yogurt LOL.

So this is just a quick update. Right now I hurt really bad but it's better than the leg pain I was in from the disc herniation! I have a small fever so we are monitoring that Bc that's a sign of infection. Other than that...everything is good to go! I'm happy and taking it easy!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing messages and thoughts! Love you! xoxox

And yes of course my dad was having fun at the hospital yesterday LOL. And I'm enjoying my surgical spanx :)

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