Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Back Real Smile...

You were missed!

That my friends...is my REAL smile.

And by real I mean that I am smiling because I am HAPPY. Ohhh soo happy.

Why you may ask?  There are so many reasons in life to be happy but at the moment I am happy because I can see the end to this long and tough journey that I have been on for the past 5 months.

Today I went to see Hot Doctor for a dressing change.  I have been feeling amazing ever since my surgery on Friday due to the fact that the surgery made all of my nerve pain go away instantly.  Yeah the actual surgery hurt but nothing compared to what I was dealing with before.  Now...I was all doped up on Friday so I never really got a chance to talk to Hot Doctor about what they did and how everything went. My parents did that for me and they ended up telling me all this junk about how bad the surgery was and how I had to have 6 WEEKS of recovery!  They were talking about laying in bed doing nothing for 6 weeks.  No work, no sitting, no driving, no nothing. 6 weeks. Ummm what. So that is the first thing I asked Hot Doctor today when I saw him.

He did say that the surgery was tougher than expected and that my back had gotten worse since the MRIs. Ok ok fine...at this point I promised to take it easy.  But me being me...I did ask when I could go back to work.  He started laughing and was like "You and your work!" (all this has made me realize I'm somewhat of a workaholic).  He said that because of the type of work I do, I can go back to work after 2 weeks (!!!!!!!).  I then asked him if I could walk for a workout. HE SAID YES!  That I could walk 4 miles as a workout as long as I walked slow, no bouncing.  Ummmm not done yet...I then asked if I could go to Ireland still at the end of October (this has been a huge me vs mom debate the past few days).  HE SAID YES!!! So basically I was told that I can workout in a week, go back to work in 2 weeks and go to Ireland in 7 weeks. UM HELLO!  That is why my smile is back.

It feels so good to be this happy again. I always say I am a happy girl and now I really am again. I don't think many people realized how bad it was towards the end of that mess.  I was very very down and on a path to scary things.  If I didn't solve that problem when I did...I would have really been in a bad place.  Scary to think about, but I am so grateful for how things are now.

So what is my game plan now?

Basically I am being held hostage at my parents house for about 2 weeks during the recovery.  I went into work today to grab some things so that I could set up shop here and work at home for 2 weeks. I plan on really taking it easy the next few weeks because today I was running around the office and being a little too brave.  Now my back kinda hurts and it's scary...so no more being an asshole.  Taking it easy it is!

Weightloss wise...I am going to take this week off from exercise and start out slow.  I have my sneakers and some workout clothes and plan on doing a few easy walks this weekend. I weighed myself on Saturday and I was very surprised and happy to see that I have not gained much weight at all in the long run. I weighed in at 261.5lbs, only about 1lb higher than my lowest. Now...this is on a different scale so I am sure it may be a little off.  But that is ok because I will use the same scale for a few weeks.  I will at least be able to see if I made any progress. I will weigh in sometime next week!

I really wanted to just update on how I am feeling and how everything is going. Doing this surgery was the best decision ever!  Even tho Hot Doctor said that in the end I would have had to have it anyway I am better we did this sooner rather than later.

Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me through texts, phone calls, twitter messages, Instagram love and blog comments! It made me smile everytime.  I love you all xoxo

p.s.- so now that my back is doing better...of course something else has to go wrong lol.  I have a problem with my right eye now.  Last week I started seeing a black spot/ring in my right eye and I went to the eye doctor the day before my back surgery.  He told me something is wrong with my retina so now I have a retina specialist appointment on the 13th. LOL it never ends...but at least i'm happy :)

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  1. Glad to read that you're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
    Hopefully everything is ok with your eye :)