Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's the Deal?

So I am not really sure what is going on with me but I haven't worked out in almost a week. Huh?

I usually always work out on Saturdays and Sundays. Always.  But this weekend I went to the beach for a bachelorette party. It was soooo much fun but obviously I drank too much and ate way too much.  It broke my momentum from the week before.  I just weighed myself and well...I gained a few lbs.

So what gives?  I am home again and I should have been working out all week....and I haven't.  I don't like excuses and I don't want to make them...because frankly...there is no excuse.  My problem is that I become obsessed with things and when I do I can't do anything but that thing I am obsessed with until I get over the obsession (weirdddd I know).  It's really annoying but I can't help it.  This weeks new obsessions: Breaking Bad and Call of Duty MW3.  UGH! I have always been on and off obsessed with call of duty so I am not sure why all of a sudden I am obsessed again. And Breaking good.  I saw Aaron Paul win an emmy Sunday and everyone has been talking about how good the show I started to watch. IT IS SO GOOD.  And as addicting as the crystal meth they cook. Last time I  became obsessed with a show was Entourage. We alllll know how that ended up.  I didn't do ANYTHING but come home from work and watch the show on HBO GO until all 8 season were over. Psycho.  I see the same thing happening now.

Today is a Jew holiday and I can't workout, but starting tomorrow I really need to get a workout in before the nightly obsession starts. I am really going to try.  This no working out thing is so lame and ridiculous.  It's unnecessary and it needs to stop.  Maybe I will get obsessed with working out and eating healthy.  That would be beneficial...

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