Monday, October 15, 2012

Wake Up Call

I received a seriously scary wake up call this morning when I stepped on my scale at work.


And a lot.

I have no one to blame but myself.  Yes, it has been difficult to workout these past 6 months due to my back   I would usually come home from work, pop some pain meds and just lay on the couch.  Pathetic, I know.  BUT my back injury is NOT an excuse.  I was still able to maintain and even lose a little these past 5 months by eating on track and walking when I could.  So what happened?  I got way off track with my food.  I started eating whatever I wanted sometimes and going back to bad habits.  It's scary how fast things can change.  It's very scary.

These past 6 months I have still been eating healthy food a lot of the time (except the past 3's only been sometimes).  Lots of fresh veggies, fruits, chicken and shrimp.  The problem is that I am eating too much of it.  My portions have grown and that is a huge mistake.  I need to stop this and re-train my stomach to know what full is.  I have come too far to start creeping back into my old habits.

I have been avoiding the scale for the past few weeks.  I could tell I gained weight.  My size 18 jeans have been a little tougher to button and I just started to feel gross.  Well I was right...I have gained.  I am not going to say how much because I am embarrassed. But let's just say that I wouldn't be acting like this over 5lbs. It's really upsetting but I know I am the one to blame.

As I ALWAYS say, I am an optimist and usually find positives in every negative situation.  Here are my positive:

  • I have realized there is a problem and am motivated to fix it.
  • I fell in love with bike riding and even went on my first post op bike ride this weekend! (SO FUN)
  • I have ordered a Polar HRM and am super excited to use it.
  • I gave up all forms of soda for the month of September and am still going strong.  44 days soda free and counting! (I even ordered a long island ice tea, no soda. haha)
  • I can tell there are small changes with my body and am aware of them.  Somewhat like a trigger sign.  Something isn't right, time to fix it.
  • At my 6 week post op appointment with Hot Doctor I asked about my limitations this far out from surgery.  I am now allowed to head to the gym to lift weights that do not put pressure on my spine. Still no bouncing activities (running, jogging, zumba :( ) but I can now walk as fast as I want!!
  • I have started to use chia seeds again on a regular basis.
  • I have given up ice cream for the month of October.  I was even able to stay the weekend at my patents house (home of the best fro yo and light ice cream ever) without having any or being tempted to have any!
  • I am off to Ireland October 20-28 and have decided after this trip...time to give up drinking again! (well maybe after Halloween...that is my favorite drinking holiday)
  • An AWESOME weightloss journey pal from IG is giving me a blender!! I am so excited.  I will now be able to make smoothies for breakfast on the go!  THANK YOU! :)
  • I have not lost my determination...I still want this weight loss...BADLY.

See...I am not worried. I would be worried if the above bullets did not exist.  That is the difference between this journey and past ones I have been on.  This is why this time it will work.  No matter how many set backs I long as the desire and drive is will happen.

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  1. Let me know if you like your HRM. My GPS watch has an option for one, but you have to wear it around your waist. Seems so uncomfortable!