Friday, November 2, 2012

Back to Reality....


I am so sad to be back from Ireland but at the same time I have so many amazing memories that will last forever. Needless to was an AMAZING time!!! I had soooo much fun.

Unfortunately since I was on vacation in a foreign country...I did not give much thought about my weightloss. I was in the drinking capital of the world...and I drank A LOT.  No regrets tho... because it was so fun! The chocolate in Europe is SO GOOD.  So of course I ate a lot of that too. :)

LOTS of beer. I seriously hate Guinness....

Happy Hippo by Kinder!! The bestttt candy/chocolate ever!!

A lot of drinking...but it was seriously the best time of my life <3
Now that I am back...and my liver has not is time to get back on track!  This week I have been easing in with my healthy food diet.  However...I have not yet been back to the gym.  I have my new Polar HRM that I need to try out!! Hopefully next week will be full of gym visits!!!  I need to get back on track because I feel like my face is getting chunky again...and that CAN NOT HAPPEN!

One of my smoothies!
One banana, cup of strawberries, ice, chia seeds, cup of almond milk and protein powder!
Should out to Megan for my new blender!

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  1. Welcome back! It's hard to get back on track after vacations, but it sounds like you have a good plan in tact :)