Monday, November 12, 2012

Derailment, Party of One...

This past weekend was an amazing girls weekend with 4 of my best friends!  Obviously the title of this post is an obvious indication of how my weightloss attempts

It was a weekend of bagels and dips and pancakes and bacon and pumpkin roll and chicken salad and an early birthday cupcake.

Food wise was def a fail.  I drank alot of diet soda as well...which I am NOT supposed to be doing. Damnit.

I also didn't exercise all weekend.  So I am summing this weekend up as a complete failure weightloss wise it was amazing. :)

Today is Monday which means it's the start of a brand new week.  Time to start fresh.  The mistakes I made this weekend no longer matter...time to acknowledge them and move on.  I started my day off today with a banana and some oatmeal. There is no ww weigh in tonight due to Veterans Day (thank g-d).  My goal for the week is to hit the gym and work hard to try to jump start my weightloss and motivation again.

The only obstacles I see in the upcoming week are my birthday on Wednesday (going out in Philly with my friend), Saturday (a party in Philly for my friends mustache:?? lol a charity thing) and a wedding on Sunday.  All three of those events are dangerous food and alcohol wise.  I need to try very hard to make smart decisions and control my portions.  I have done this I know I can do it again.

Let's go...


  1. Hey Julie! Good for you for coming clean and starting to plan ahead. Since it's your b'day AND you have a wedding, I would suggest choosing one 'splurge' for each event if possible- like cake on your birthday but no or very light drinking, and then at the wedding allow yourself some drinks but keep the food really clean and don't touch the wedding cake, etc. I know this time of year is that slippery slope season and even maintaining is a challenge. Happy Birthday!

    1. That is amazing advice! I never would have even thought about that! I actually am going to try to go no alcohol the whole time!! Now cake...ugh. LOL that may be a problem! :) I will try my best. Thank youuuu for the idea!!!!!! <3

  2. A wedding on Sunday?! You mean a wedding on Saturday!!

    1. LOL!!! KIMMMMM this whole time for some reason I thought it was Sunday!!! :) I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! So excited! :D