Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Keep Going

Monday night I had my ww weigh in!!  I lost 2lbs for a total of 32lbs.   Yes, I am very happy that I was able to lose 2lbs, however, every time I look at "32lbs" my stomach starts to hurt.  It is seriously upsetting that that number used to be in the high 50's and now it is only in the 30s.  I know that I am starting over due to a set back, but it still is upsetting.  Especially since it is 100% my fault that I let the number get so low.

On a positive note...

I am completely motivated to get back to where I once was!  Last night I had another killer sweat sesh.  Of course that was all because I was able to runnnnn. I love it!!!! I am so glad I can have that in my life again! :) Sometimes while I am on the treadmill, I get nervous that I am going to hurt my back again.  I need to remember to take it nice and slow at first.  I currently can only run about 3 minutes or 1/4 a mile at a time without stopping.  I have been doing intervals where I will run 1/4 a mile then walk 1/4 a mile.  It works pretty well. It gets my heart rate up and I def sweat a good amount.  It is awesome.

Workout from last ngiht!
The best part of my workout last night was the last 3 minutes.  Even though I was dead tired towards the end of my workout, I still try to go hard the last few minutes.  I started running and the song My Body from Young the Giant came on.  This song was able to motivate me so that I could push myself to my limits during the last 3 minutes of the workout sesh.  I was able to run faster and was pushing myself to finish strong.  All I could think of over and over in my head was "mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter.  It's all mental, it's all mental, it's all mental."  That mental state helped me not give up.  I pushed it hard all the way to the end! It was an amazing feeling! :)  After my cardio I felt great!  I needed to stretch myself out becuase I have been SO sore this week.  I took a good 10 minutes to just stretch (prob why I got hurt last time, I never stretch!).  Before my cardio I had done some weights so overall it was a great workout!

Tonight I am super excited to do Zumba for the first time since surgery/I got hurt! I am really excited to get back to it! Esp since it is a really fun way to get your cardio in! Super excited.
****Side Note Update**** I am not going to zumba tonight for the first time because I suck at life.  I will save that for next Wednesday when I don't have to drive to DE that night. -_- I suck.

During the Thanksgiving break, I will be in Delaware with my family.  I plan on heading to my friends gym to work out with her while I am away from my gym.  It should be really fun! I love working out with friends!  It's just an extra motivator.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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