Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Double Weigh In...

So I went to ww last night for my weigh in.  I weighed in and it said I gained .6lbs. I was a little annoyed because I hate weighing in at night after eating all day.  I knew I wasn't going to lose alot, but I wasn't really expecting a gain like that.  What also was annoying was that I had a huge dinner the night before, which I know really affected my results.  So this morning, being curious, I weighed in again.  To my surprise it was 273.4lbs.  That is a 2.6lb loss since last time!  Yesterday morning I weighed in at 275, so this was very welcomed.  Now...could it be wrong...absolutely!  I weighed myself 5 times in a row today and it all said 273.4lbs, so I am hoping it is legit.  Weight fluctuates SO much throughout the day so this could just be a weird circumstance.  However, me being a desperate girl, I am counting it. Ha!

I really do not like my new ww leader and I never stay for the meetings anymore.  I think it's important that when you join something like ww that you have a leader that clicks with you and motivates you.  My old one did, this one however, does not.  At all.  I also do not feel like I fit in with the class either.  There is no one I can really relate too.  Everyone is older like in their 50s and I just can't relate to their lifestyles.  I think I am going to stop going again.  It doesn't help that they are moving the location and day of the meeting either. Ugh.  I am going to try to do this myself again.  I can do it...ww was just holding me accountable.  Which I think my instagram and blog do as well.  Maybe I will go back and try to find a new leader, but until then I think I am flying solo.

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  1. Seriously girl, bodies are like men... they make no sense. If you do the right thing, it will eventually catch up to you, but you never know when. GRRR.