Monday, December 10, 2012

Fingers Crossed

They are totally crossed!!

I will be going to my ww weigh in tonight for the first time in like......3 weeks. HAHA I'm a mess.  I joined up again and I still don't go. I guess it's because I am scared of a gain. However, this morning I weighed myself at work (I was so scared to step on that scale....) and to my surprise it is like 5+lbs LIGHTER than 3 weeks ago.  I was completely surprised, but should I be? for what seems like....a month.  I have been coughing like crazy since before Thanksgiving and then last week I had a day where I could not get out of bed (not even to play xbox!!!!).  I was stuck at home with a 102* fever the whole day and it did not go away until the next day.  It was awful.  needless to say I missed a whole week of working out.  I am still coughing like crazy.  Like I will be sitting here and all of a sudden I can't stop coughing and it's so embarrassing.  My cube mates want to murder me.

Anyways...since I skipped the gym last week, the good news is that my food intake was/is on point.  I have been eating very healthy and my portions have been awesome.  I guess this is why I have seen a loss (to be confirmed tonight at ww weigh in).   Don't get me wrong, there are certain meals that I have indulged in. I stress meals because it is one meal. Not a whole day.  That is important.  You should have cheat meals, but never cheat days.

I plan on getting back into my gym routine this week.  However, I am not sure if I will be running.  The coughing is still an issue but there are plenty of things I can do without running (wait...who am I kidding...I will prob run).  I plan on doing Zumba on Wednesday and going to the gym as much as I can this week!

On Saturday I was feeling so lazy that I decided I needed to go for a long walk outside.  You know, since I was sick and it was cold, rainy and gross was a good idea to go outside and walk. Um. Again...I'm dumb.

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So I went on a looooong walk.  I just kept walking and ended up doing almost 5 miles.  It wasn't an amazing sweat sesh but it was something.  It felt good to be outside again, even if I can't run outside.  Just walking is great exercise and if you have good's pretty awesome.  

So my goals for the week are just to make it to the gym and try to workout as much as I can.  I know that this Friday I have a cookie exchange party which could be very damaging.  But at least I am aware of that fact and can tryyyyy to plan for it.  Wish me luck!

Oh and p.s.- In case anyone was wondering....I DID count that tonic water as soda and I have started over...again.  I'm currently at 6 days...blah.  49 is my longest...I'm working on breaking that!


  1. You can do it!

    (by the way, I recently started following your blog, in case you're like, who the heck is this person?! LOL)

    I know how you feel about the whole soda thing. I am currently 253 days soda free, and there have been so many times I've just wanted to throw in the towel for the sake of some particularly delicious diet coke from the fountain. But hey, I love unsweetened iced tea and seltzer, so I can do without. You can too!

    1. Hi!!!! 253 days?! that is awesome!! I want to get that far! I'm determined! I love water so it is getting easier now that diet coke is no longer a staple in my everyday day life!

      Do you have a blog? I would love to follow you back! :)

    2. Yes! 253 days, well, now 254! I was previously going on more than a year soda-free, but I fell back into the old habits of a Diet Coke addict (like, 3 a day or more!). But I don't miss it at all! Except maybe with some vodka, but honestly I am more of a beer person these days.

      I do have a blog! I don't really post about weight loss and whatnot, but I do rant about random crap, and post recipes and lots of photos!

      You can find me at :)

    3. Also, are you in NJ or DE? I'm in Philly!

    4. I'm from Delaware but I live in NJ like 10 minutes outside Philly!!! Yay Philadelphia! :)

    5. That's awesome! I was born in NJ, and I go over the bridge to Wegmans all the time. Maybe we'll run into each other one day :)

  2. Damn that tonic water!
    Hope your feeling better.