Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dance Dance!

I have officially discovered that I LOVE to dance for exercise.  I have always loved to dance at weddings, concerts, bars or anywhere.  But I love to dance even more when it involves an amazing sweat sesh.

I have been doing Zumba for awhile now and it is still my favorite form of working out.  I LOVE running but Zumba is just FUN! I love moving my body and I love that my fav instructor makes the moves all risque and sexy.  Yeah buddy!  Love being a girl. Anyways...the point of this little rant is that the best feeling in the world is seeing improvements.  I am a better dancer!  There are things I couldn't do this time last year and now I can do them easily.  I LOVE IT.

I love dancing so much that I attempted to even take a hip hop class at my gym Monday night!  I was super excited to try it out and my gym friend said it was fun. I ended up going and it turned out to not be hip hop but  zumba...I was totally bummed.  They changed the class. I love me some zumba but I only really LOVE it with this one instructor.  People who do zumba understand instructor loyalty when it comes to classes lol.  So I still stayed and did zumba but man...I wish it was hip hop.  I wanted to get ghetto with my workout that night.  Damn.

Right before my class on Monday night.
I love this pic because there is no hiding.
THIS IS ME.  Flaws and all.
Monday night zumba workout.
Not bad...
Monday night was supposed to be an easy night on my back since I ran hard Saturday and Sunday   That didn't really happen. Ha. Monday's zumba class was extra jumpy and bouncy but surprisingly my back was feeling pretty good!  I took a rest day on Tuesday and then was back in the gym for my Wednesday night zumba class. My FAVORITE class.  It was a really good sweat sesh.  I went hard!  My calories burned seemed rather low so that was confusing.  Sometimes I feel like if the heart rate monitor strap isn't in the exact place, then your stats are off.  Maybe?  Not sure.

Wednesday night zumba sweat sesh.

The best part about the pic above is that my shoes are tied super tight.  My feet are so much smaller now that I have to tie my shoes really tight or they no longer fit.  Awesome.

Hard to see but look how long the laces are in the bow!
OH YEAH!! :)
Seeing small NSV like this make me happy! I love it!!!!


Tonight is a rest day.  My back is pretty sore from zumba last night. Plan is to get to the gym Friday after work and then Saturday and Sunday!! Let's get to it!!!!


  1. I have that same HRM and have wondered the same thing. Sometimes I KNOW my heart rate is high and I'll look down and it says like 120.

  2. I think HRM in general are not 100% accurate. I can get going and have it totally off. I wonder if there is a trick to finding the sweet spot. But in the end I try and tell myself it doesn't really matter what it "says" because you are burning the calories even if it isn't recording it properly. Your body is still doing the work! You look good in your pictures. I love your shoes too, totally cute!

    1. That is an awesome way to look at it! The calories burned should not matter as long as you are out there moving! I love that view on things!!!!

      And thank you! :)