Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh In!!!

I was feeling daring this morning. You know...the feeling where you're happy and no disappointing news would make you sad.  Sooooo I decided to weigh in as soon as I got into work.  I wanted to see where I was after the damaging holiday season and then after a full week of clean up.  I was too scared to weigh myself during the holidays and haven't stepped on the scale since December 18th.

Today I weighed in at 270.8lbs which is a 2.6lb loss for a total of 44.2lbs!

Yay!!  I know that is 2.6lbs in 3 weeks but I DON'T CARE!  A loss is a loss no matter how long it takes you.  Plus...remember my last post about all of my holiday PLDs?? So any loss is welcomed. I am now only about 10-12lbs away from where I was before I got hurt (I know I talk alot about that...but it's exciting to get back to where you used to be)!

I have been working really hard the past week.  I am proud of myself that I have FINALLY gotten back into my old habits.  Working out AND eating RIGHT.  The eating part is always the hardest for me so I am stocked that it is on track.

All day yesterday I was really motivated to get to the gym!  THANK YOU C25K for that! I know that is where the motivation is coming from. I LOVE having a set goal and accomplishing it.  It's so much easier when you have an app telling you what to do! hahahaha hot mess.

Last night I went to the gym and it was SO crowded.  Of course it's's January.  Anyways...I started off with some weights while I stalked out an open treadmill.  Took forever.  I understand people are making new years revolutions and that is great!  I hope they are successful...however...when people are waiting...limit your cardio to 30mins!  All these idiots were on the treadmills for like 60 mins.  Yeah I like to work out for an hour too but not when there is a line of 5 people waiting for your ass to finish!  Gym etiquette people....COME ON. *rant over*

So after I waited 20 minutes for a treadmill (didn't want to do use an elliptical...needed my running fix), I hopped on and began week 2 day 1 of C25K which is 5 min brisk warm up walk then 90 seconds jogging and 2 mins of walking for 20 mins then a 5 min cool down.  I was able to complete this day with no problem.  It was pretty easy for me and I remember when it said I was done I was like "really? that's it? I'm not ready to stop..."  But of course.....I had to stop because people were waiting. I would have liked to have done the day again or at least walked for another 30 mins with an incline...but had to get off the treadmill.  Oh well...I got my 30 mins of cardio in and I felt awesome!

After the gym I came home and ate my fav clean meal!!! Avacado, tomatoes, onion and chicken. YUM!  I am really excited about how I am back on track!  Looking forward to staying on track and accomplishing some goals in 2013!!!  Yeahhhhh buddy!

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