Monday, February 25, 2013

Broken Record

Someone...ahem my sister...keeps saying something to me over and over. It is SO annoying.  Mostly because anything your sibling says to criticize you is annoying but at least this time it's annoying because it's TRUE!  She is my #1 supporter and I wouldn't have gotten this far without her.  I love her so much.  She always tells me she reads my blog and when we hang out she always says "so you can blog about how you messed up this weekend and are going to get back on track on Monday."  She always says that and she IS EXACTLY RIGHT!!!


I mess up, blog about messing up, blog about fixing it, then mess up again. Over and over and over.'s all apart of the weightloss journey.  However, eventually it needs to stop. I need to stop messing up and get serious.  Maybe this will be the time, maybe it wont.  Who knows.  But her words this weekend really hit me.  

I was supposed to go out drinking with friends on Friday night and that didn't happen.  We were too tired and decided to push it until Saturday night.  I woke up early Saturday morning and headed to the gym and did my C25K session.  While I was running...I thought to myself...why does this feel harder than usual?  Then I remembered that I haven't ran in about a week and only got to the gym 3 times this week.  That is one less day than my weekly goal.  I got so mad and angry that I was struggling on the 8 min run, 5 min walk, 8 min run that I immediately texted my friend that I was not going out that night.  I'm done.  I'm done drinking 1000's of calories for no reason. Drinking only leads to PLD's and g-d knows I don't need more of those.

So I decided that I am not going out until St. Patricks Day. It is one of my fav drinking holidays and I don't want to miss it.  After that drinking session I will not go out until my friends Bachlorette party. Rules are rules and I am going to try hard to stick to them. I need to.  I am sick of working out and eating on plan and not losing any weight. Something is holding me back and i'm sure it has to do with this.

So Saturdays workout was pretty good.  I did week 5 day 2 of C25K again.  Still nervous to move on to the 20 min running day.  Eeeeeek.

Saturday's Sweat Sesh
Anddd my XXL shirts are getting really big!

 After my workout I stopped by this place called produce junction. It is basically a place where you can get fresh fruits and veggies for super cheap.  I picked up 3 avocados, 2 things of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries  vine ripened tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes for like $11.  Super cheap and so good.  I made myself a healthy smoothies for breakfast with the fresh berries I just picked up.

Light & fit yogurt, chia seeds, blueberries, blackberries,
strawberries and a little water.
So yummmmmy

I woke up Sunday and it was a really nice day.  The sun was shining and I really just wanted to workout outside for a change.  Sooooo I did.  I put on my new sneaks and laced up for a long walk/run outside.  Let me tell is so much harder for me to run outside than on a treadmill.  Mostly I think because you can't see how fast you're really going and it's harder to pace yourself.  Anyways...I kinda struggled to get the C25K done....BUT I pushed myself and completed it.  I was stoked.

5 Miler! :D
Felt so good to workout outside!!
Butttt my shoes gave me huge blisters.  Bummer.
This weekend was really good workout wise.  I am looking forward to zumba tonight and Wednesday night of course! I hope to get some runs in this week too!  I really want to break out of this no losing weight trend.  I want this so bad.  I just need to remind myself that I want it badder than I want anything else.  And badder isn't even a word is it?  Oh well hahaha. :)


  1. I nominated your for a Liebster Award. Its for new or newish bloggers with under 200 followers. You can get more details on my latest post.

  2. Are you ready for another long one??? Ha, how do I not manage to ever keep my comments short. Anyway, I am proud of you. Can I just say that I am proud that you made yourself the priority and chose to make a change this weekend. It doesn’t mean that you can’t EVER go out with your friends again. It certainly doesn’t mean you won’t ever get to drink alcohol again. It just means for this weekend you chose to make you the priority. That takes a lot of strength and courage.

    I am mostly always a broken record and really the only way to make any change is to actually change our behaviors. If I take too much time off from running it gets hard and it does piss me off. I think making that decision to call your friends could be a turning point for you. Don’t let it be in vain. Commit to the decisions you have made and follow thru. Let this be that moment where you can look back and say I started putting me first here.

    I think your goals of not going out until St. Patricks and then a bachelorette party are very obtainable and realistic. If you had to give up what you love all the time you would never stick to it, but you also don’t need to go out every weekend and drink 1,000 plus calories just because. I always try to tell myself whenever I want something I know I shouldn’t be eating that it’s okay to say no now because I am working towards a greater picture, it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever have X again in my life, but right now I am choosing me!!!

    I’m really very happy for you after reading this post. And yes, running outside is so much harder than a treadmill because I find it incredibly difficult to control pace and I need that machine to make me work hard consistently because let’s face it we are all lazy by nature otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are!

    Keep up the excellent attitude and I hope to read about you getting excellent results for your efforts.