Friday, February 15, 2013

In Love....With Myself

With yesterday being Valentines Day of course every topic of the day was surrounded by love.  I LOVE love. I'm a huge fan of it. It is one of the BEST feelings someone can feel.  I love being in love and I have been a few times in my life.  Currently I am single and I am only interested in finding love....with myself.

Stolen from College Prep
A weightloss journey is more than just a physical transformation.  There is so much more to it other than losing inches, running faster, lifting heavier, eating healthier.  There is a whole aspect to weightloss that most people seem to forget. The aspect of personal growth.  I know that sounds corny but for me, that is just as important as the physical side.  I want to feel more confident and mentally strong. I want to truly be happy with the person I am and I want to be able to display that for everyone to see. The first step to that is falling in love with myself and I am almost there.  I want to think that I am the best version of me in every way so that I can fully offer that to someone else for them to love as well.  I personally think that you can not love someone else until you love yourself first.

Since I am single I didn't really have any Valentines Day plans.  I wanted to do something special just for me so of course I had a hot date at the gym with myself.  It was awesome.  Lifted some weights and ran on the treadmill. I love the feeling of losing yourself in your workout and that happened last night.

I redid week 5 day 2 of the C25K program.
A little tougher today but I did it!
Followed by 30 mins of incline walking.

I felt so awesome post workout that I was really happy.  I felt amazing and I just had to take a corny Valentines Day pic, so I did! :)

Earlier in the week my workouts consisted of zumba.  I did it on Monday and Wednesday.  Both were pretty awesome workouts!

Wednesday Zumba!
This shirt used to be so tight I could never wear it.
Monday Zumba!
Such a nasty amazing sweat sesh!
Love it!
I am feeling so awesome physically.  I am able to go hard during zumba and my running sessions.  Pushing myself to work harder and run faster. I LOVE it!  My back sometimes really hurts when I'm done but I keep going.  I know that is risky but it's important to get into shape to prevent further injuries with my back. I am really excited with my fitness progress!! Now....if I can just lose weight!  I am still scared to step on the scale.....maybe after another week of successful training and eating.  We shall see!

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day filled with love and kindness!  The world needs more of that!  And remember, if you didn't have a valentine this year, that is ok!  The best valentine you can have is yourself! Love yourself and then others will love you too. <3


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling good! Keep it up!

  2. you're doing great!!! I fully believe this too!