Friday, February 8, 2013

Seriously...Just Do It.

This week has been full of me telling myself that line. "Seriously Julie, JUST DO IT!"  There were many times this week that I did not feel like going to the gym. I think it's the weather.  It's always harder getting to the gym after work on a cold rainy gross winter night than it is on a sunny warm beautiful summer evening.

When I think like this I usually just say to  Just go?! Why is this even being debated?  And well...I am excited to say that this week I did go whenever I started debating.

I ended up going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  As you know, my goal is 4 times a week at least.  That means I need to go tonight or tomorrow.  I will probably wait to go tomorrow because my back is super sore today.  All day yesterday too...I had to take a lot of tylenol.  When that happens I have to back off just a bit.

So my workouts this week....

Monday Night Zumba!
It's always more fun when you have a friend to go with you!
This is when my back started hurting.  SO much jumping and bouncing...
Wednesday Night ZUMBA!
My FAVORITE workout night!!!
I felt amazing after this workout. I was DRENCHED! 
Thursday night C25K sesh.
Let me talk about Thursday's workout really quick.  I wanted to get a C25K run in and I was expecting week 5 day 2 to be the same as week 5 day 1.  I was expecting to do jog 5 mins, walk 5 mins, jog 5 mins.  Ummmmm wrong.  I did my warm up and then all of a sudden it said start jogging and I look at my phone and it says 8 minutes.  At first I was like WTF and started to freak out.  Then I thought to myself...that's only 3 more minutes than I planned for...just do it.  And so I did.  And it wasn't even that hard!  I was able to do all the running sessions with no problem.  I even increased my speed and ran faster for the 2nd 8 min sesh.  Awesome.

Quick question for those who run on treadmills and do the C25K program....what speed do you run and walk on?  I usually jog at 4.8-5 or sometimes at the end I increase up to 5.5.  When it calls for walking I walk at 3.5.  I think this is slower than they want you to run because I did not jog 3/4 a mile in 8 mins.....weird. But let me know what you guys do!

Anyways...this week I had some great workouts.  Weights were mixed in every night.  I also have stayed on track with my eating.  No cheat meals at all this week! YAY! :)  I always have to be good during the week because I know the weekends are so hard for me to stay on track.'s the weekend so hopefully I can be good.  Although I will be drinking a lot on Saturday.  Ugh...I need to stop doing that.  Since I am drinking I need to eat smart.  Let's see if that happens.....I hope it does!


  1. Good going! Congrats on getting 3x workouts in place :). I do c25k on treadmill too. I usually run at my own pace which is wayyy too slow. But I am building on it. My total workout distance is usually 2.8 to 3k. And this is at week 6.

    1. Awesome!!! Thank you! Good to know I'm not alone in running at my own pace! :)

  2. Hey Julie! I just found your blog and I'm a marathon runner who started out doing C25K. LOVE THAT PROGRAM! The estimated distances in the program are based on a 10 minute mile, which is 6 mph on the treadmill. That's just an estimate though and not something you should worry about right now! Just work on running at a pace you can maintain and sticking to the intervals they give you. That's the most important part! I recommend the C25K program to everyone I come across and you are doing an awesome job!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Thank you for the info. I def am not anywhere near 6mph but I hopefully will work my way up there!!! Thank you!