Tuesday, February 19, 2013

small changes...BIG EFFECT

I had been feeling SO drab lately.  I wasn't into any of my winter outfits, my hair was just long and boring, my makeup routine was getting old or non-existent and I didn't feel pretty. At all. I felt stuck.

So one day last week I was at work and I decided that I wanted to do a mini makeover.  I impulsely called my hairdresser and made an appointment. I have been going to the same hairdresser since I was 2 and she is an hour away...but I had to see her.  I googled images of what I was looking for.  I knew I wanted something edgy, sexy, fun and DIFFERENT.  Something to make me feel good. I found it.

A cute razor cut haircut with bangs.  I took the picture with me and showed my hairstylist and she loved it.  She started to cut and I was nervous but soooo excited.  I was creating a new me!  When it was all done...I was so excited. I LOVED IT!  I loved it so much that I went straight to the mall to finish off my look.

I never use to to wear makeup.  Like ever. I would only wear it if I went out at night or something.  And even then it wasn't that much.  I always thought that pretty girls don't need makeup.  HAHA what an asshole thing to think.  Esp when now I neeeeed it. Ha oops.  Anyways...I wanted a new edgy look. I ended up going to bareminerals and telling them that exact statement.  $50 later I walk out with new makeup and a new me.
Love it.

I love the way it looks up too!
So this is my new look.  I love it.  I feel so cute and confident.  For once in my life I think I look pretty.  Not fat girl pretty (aka pretty for a fat girl) but really pretty. I love it.  I feel awesome and that was my goal.  Remember...I am trying to love myself.  So loving the way I look is half the battle.  I just have to keep making improvements!

Now onto weightloss stuff.  I had some pretty good workouts since my last post.  I was pretty good food wise this weekend too!  I did drink on Sunday...ugh so dumb.  But other than that it was a great weekend! 
Saturday morning C25K sweat sesh!
Also walked around Philly!  A few extra miles!
Monday night zumba!
BTW I love dancing to the Wobble
Hahahaha! :D
 This week I need to make it to the gym 3 more times to reach my 4x a week goal.  I got this! :)


  1. Love the hair! I wish I had the guts to do something different with my hair.. one day :)

    1. Thank you! You should do it!! It totally changes everything! So much more confidence just from a haircut!! You should try it! :)

  2. I love your hair so much, so cute!!!! I use Bare Minerals foundation. For my Glam I am an Urban Decay or Too Faced kind of girl, but I adore makeup and do like it too look natural but think its completely necessary! I am not an over the top kind of girl but think it does a lot for the self-esteem.

    I can always tell when I am feeling better about myself because I start to care more about how I look on a daily basis. This is the first sign that things are improving. Congratulations and enjoy it! You look wonderful....

    Also great work on keeping up on the exercise this is a long, lifelong battle....

    1. Aww thanks love! I am obsessed with makeup now. And I love bare minerals! It's not too expensive either. I used to be loyal to MAC but now I like bare minerals better. Oops.

  3. Love the new look...and WONDERFUL progress with C25K! C25K has been so wonderful with helping me on my journey!

  4. Love you! You are always beautiful to me! xoxo